Clarksdale (MS) High School's Marcus Cohen

[Premium article] Clarksdale High School senior-to-be offensive lineman Marcus Cohen is considered to be one of the top offensive linemen in the state of Mississippi this year. Marcus was selected by The Clarion-Ledger as one of the top 50 juniors in the state of Mississippi. He, along with his teammates Fernando Matthews and Trumaine McBride, were visited by nationally known recruiting analyst Tom Lemming on Lemming's spring tour of the top players in the nation.

Marcus, what is your height, weight, and forty time?
"I'm 6-5, 308 and 5.9 in the forty."

What positions have you played in high school?
"Offensive line mostly, but this year I will probably play some defense."

What do you feel are your strengths as a player?
"Probably the fact that I'm balanced in most parts of my game. My footwork is good, and although we didn't get blocking grades, I know that I had 70 pancake blocks."

Did you say 7 or 70?
"That's 70."

Do you have any personal or team goals for next year?
"Well I want to get back to the state championship game, and get used to a new coach and new quarterback."

Do you know who your new quarterback will be?
"Well, right now it will probably be Anthony Robinson, but they've been talking about the qb from Lee Academy coming over to our school."

Yes, that would be Bradford Foster, and your new coach, that would be Jim Hughes, right?
"Yes sir."

Have you earned honors during your high school career?
"I was First-Team Delta Dandy Dozen voted on by the Democratic Times in Greenville and the Clarksdale Press Register and I was chosen Second-Team All-State."

What football camps did you attend last summer?
"Ole Miss and Delta State."

What, if anything, stood out about the camps?
"Well, at the Delta State camp, they worked us really hard. I think our reputation for having won so many north class championships had something to do with it. It was a lot of work, they worked us really hard. At the Ole Miss camp we just had fun."

Do you plan to attend any camps this summer?
"I know I'm gonna go to the Ole Miss camp and I'm planning on going to State and to Delta State again because they had a drive blocking competition and I came in second to a player from Olive Branch. I want to go back to try and win it."

Did you make it to any college football games last year?
"Yes sir, I went to about four Ole Miss games."

Did you attend any college Junior Days this spring?
"I went to Mississippi State and Ole Miss."

What were your impressions of the schools overall, the players and coaches while at the Junior Days?
"At State, the coaches were more laid back and it seemed like you could just talk to them about things other than just football, and just hang out. The campus is real nice. At Ole Miss the players were real nice. The day we were there they had practice that morning, so we got to watch. I talked to a lot of their players. They treated me real nice. And people I didn't even know were coming up to me and being real nice. It's a nice campus. I think it's a pretty good school. It was kind of the same when I was at the basketball game. I got to talk to some more people and a lot of the players that I knew from Clarksdale stopped by."

Did you attend any spring football games?
"State and Ole Miss had their games on the same day. I couldn't go to State's game because it was in the morning and I had the ACT."

Did your parents attend any college, and do you know or have you had any brothers and sisters to attend any college?
"My sister attended Mississippi State and my mother attended Phillips Community College in Arkansas."

Did you grow up a fan of any particular school?
"I'm really a fan of Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Miami and Florida State."

What schools are sending you letters?
"The Gators in Florida, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Auburn, Arkansas, LSU, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, Boston College, Colorado, Georgia is kind of a big list."

Which schools are you most interested in at this time?
"Right now, Florida, LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Auburn. Right now, I don't know if I want to stay in state or not."

That's all Marcus. Thank you for your time, and as the recruiting process heats up I'd like to contact you from time to time, either myself or the owner of this web page, Gene Swindoll. Would that be ok with you?
"Yes sir."

Other Marcus info:

  • Marcus is a very good student. He recently took his ACT but had not gotten his test results back at the time of this interview.

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