MSU Players Talk About Their Win

Mississippi State's basketball players talked about their 64-48 win over Chattanooga.


Were you surprised how your 2-3 zone overwhelmed them?
"I was really surprised after working on it for just a week. The younger guys picked up on it really well."

Your team plays 6 games in 13 days. What's your thoughts about that?
"The younger guys aren't used to it, but Coach has talked to them about it."

Were you surprised by how easily you defeated this team?
"During the week, Coach told us this would be a team that would challenge us. They've been to the NCAA Tournament and were a veteran team. Because so many of our guys are young, it made them a little scared. But during our scouting report last night, we told ourselves no matter what Coach said about them we were going to come out and play hard."

Why do you think you played so much better this game than you did during the two exhibitions?
"Coach kind of used the exhibitions as games to see where we were. That kind of made some guys think they weren't that serious. Some guys weren't focused. This game was the season-opener and we took it serious. We hate losing so we took it seriously."


How did you do your first real game at Mississippi State?
"I did alright. I was kind of nervous and forced a couple of shots thinking I was still in high school. I probably need to calm down a little bit."

How did you feel about having to play point guard a lot tonight?
"I was ok with it because I can play point. I can adjust playing different positions."

Why do you feel your team played so much better this game than it did in the exhibition games?
"I guess it was due to being the first game and everybody was hyped up and ready to play."

Talk about the team's defensive play.
"We worked on defense all week in practice and everybody played as a team."


How is your groin injury?
"It felt good. I knew once I got in there the adrenalin would take over and I would be alright."

How close are you to being 100%?
"I'm real close. I think I will be 100% by the game Monday."

Talk about the game in general.
"We tried to use teamwork to beat them. They are a real good team and are picked to win their conference this year."

Did you really expect your team would play this well?
"No, I really didn't think we would play this well. But Coach told us to go out and give everything that we had. And we did that."

What did you guys do in the second half to pull away from them?
"We outrebounded them in the second half. Coach told us to box out in the zone. And that's what we did."

What was your impression of the play of the younger guys?
"I feel real good about their play. They came out and played real good tonight."

Are the young guys buying into playing defense on the scale that MSU is known for?
"Yeah, that is what Coach Stansbury teaches every day. If you want to play here, you have no choice."


How do you think you played tonight?
"I think I did real good on defense and rebounding."

Coach Stansbury said that you took much better shots tonight.
"(Laugh) I think I took lot better shots, too. I'm just playing my role and doing a good job at it."

You had 12 points and 8 rebounds in 18 minutes.
"(Laugh) Yeah, I think I need to talk to Coach about that. I need more minutes."

In a few more games Walter Sharpe will be playing.
"Yeah, in a few more games Walter Sharpe will be playing. We will be on after that."

What was the difference in the two exhibition games and this game?
"The first two games were more like scrimmages. For this game, we prepared more and knew that we had to play hard. Chattanooga won their conference and are predicted to win it this year. We did a heck of a job beating them by the margin we did."

Considering how young and inexperienced your team is, did it surprise you how easily you defeated them?
"It didn't surprise us, but it probably surprised the audience. We know what we can do. And we proved it tonight. We just have to prove it all year long."

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