MSU Players Talk About Their Win

Mississippi State's basketball players talked about their 68-63 win over Arkansas State.


Was a close game like this good for a young and inexperienced team?
"Yeah, it was definitely good for us to have a close game like this. It was a good experience for this team."

Why was Arkansas State tougher than Chattanooga?
"They were different on the post. They make shots, big shots down the stretch. We kind of survived near the end. We had a ten-point lead, then we made a couple of turnovers and they made some layups to make it a close game."

Are you comfortable shooting threes?
"I am comfortable shooting them. The top of the key is kind of my spot. I've shot threes since I've been here and even in high school."

Are you interested in seeing how this team will handle going on the road when you go to Charlotte this Wednesday?
"Yeah, this will be the first game on the road and the first real test for this team. We will see how we respond in a tough situation against a good team."


This was a tough game, but you came out with a win.
"It was real tough one. We did good the first half, but we did better the second half. If we go into every game like we did in the second half, we will be victorious every game."

You guys played a good second half, but they made a very good comeback near the end of the game. "They are a pretty good team. We had to make a few adjustments and play a little man to man opposed to the 2-3 zone."

What are your thoughts about playing at Charlotte this Wednesday?
"They are a good team. They are ready for us. We are 2 and 0 and they are also undefeated. It's their home-opener and there will be a packed house. We have to be really focused for that game."

Are you looking forward to playing Charlotte?
"To tell you the truth this is the biggest game for me (personally). When I looked on the schedule, this was the game I pointed out. I've been waiting on this game since June or July. This will be the game that will test where I'm at and where my teammates are. I'm so ready for this game. It's a crying shame how ready I am for this game."

Will this team learn about itself this Wednesday?
"Oh yeah, I think we will really learn about ourselves because they are a good team and it's our first road game. We are going to learn a lot about Mississippi State basketball."


How do you feel about going into Charlotte this Wednesday?
"I'm ready and I think I'll do alright."

Was tonight's game more of a Jamont Gordon type game?
"Yes sir, I got a little tired in the second half, but what I did tonight is what you will see in the future."


How will you help to get the younger guys ready to play Charlotte?
"We have a walk-through (Tuesday). And we will walk through the Charlotte sets. We will try to get those down pat. I think that will help a lot."

There were times during tonight's game where you really wanted to take the shots in pressure situations.
"Yeah, I did. I looked to score first, but my shot was kind of off in the first half. So, I wanted to step up and score some points at the end to help us get a victory."

When did you add the pull up jumper?
"That's because the pounds are gone. I lost 10 pounds."

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