The Egg Bowl Remembered: Part 3

Bruce Plummer, who patrolled the MSU secondary from 1983 to 1986 and was known as a big hitter and sure tackler, gave his perspective of the Egg Bowl to Dawgs' Bite/Gene's Page writer Steve Robertson, the writer of the well-known column The Robertson Report.

Bruce what does the Egg Bowl mean to you?
"It's a great rivalry for the state of Mississippi. It's something everyone looks forward to. Growing up in Louisiana I never knew anything about the Egg Bowl, but when I got to State I saw how important it was to people."

Bruce you went 0 for 4 in Egg Bowls. Our senior class led by Jerious Norwood is facing a similar fate. What's their thought process this week leading up to their final game in maroon and white?
"The most important thing is to get a win. Any win would be fine, but as a Bulldog you always want to win against Ole Miss. All those guys are thinking about is winning the next game and in this case it's Ole Miss, so it makes it even bigger."

What's your best Egg Bowl memory?
"My senior season in 1986 I got a pick. I can't remember who their quarterback was, but I remember that pick."

Growing up in Louisiana were you an LSU fan?
"No, not really. We knew who LSU was, but I was a Grambling fan because of Coach Eddie Robinson."

Still it had to be sweet for you and Orlando "Butter" Lundie as the Bogalousa boys to beat LSU in Jackson.
"Oh, yeah. We all knew Butter could do it. We saw it all the time in practice. We were very confident in what he could do."

Do you still follow the program and what are your thoughts about the direction of the program?
"I make it a point to pick up the paper just to see what's going on over there. I believe Coach Croom will do well and wish he and the team the very best."

Well, Bruce what are you up to these days?
"I am a college scout for the Atlanta Falcons."

Bruce you've played in the Super Bowl, the CFL's Grey Cup and the Arena Bowl, you certainly made the most of your football career.
"Yeah, it's been a lot of fun. My days at MSU brought me a long way and the only thing I regret about my time at State was not winning the Egg Bowl."

Bruce Plummer, who led the Bulldogs in interceptions in both 1984 and 1986, was an All-SEC defensive back and played five years in the National Football League, two years in the CFL and four seasons in the Arena Football League. He has worked with the Atlanta Falcons organization as a scout since 2000.

Check back tomorrow as we speak with another former MSU great about his memories of the battle for the Golden Egg as we count down the days to the 2005 Egg Bowl in this exclusive Dawgs' Bite/Gene's Page series....The Egg Bowl Remembered!

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