Talbert Took in the Egg Bowl

Hattiesburg (MS) High School's Milton Talbert, one of the top defensive ends in the state of Mississippi, took in the Egg Bowl and came away impressed.

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Saturday's Egg Bowl matchup between Mississippi State and Ole Miss was Milton's first time to experience the gameday atmosphere at Mississippi State. Was it what he expected?

"When I went to State I didn't have any experience to compare them, so I didn't really know," he said. "When I came up there it was a nice atmosphere. I liked it. Plus, with the win, that helps, too (laugh)."

Were there any surprises?

"It surprised me that (Mississippi State) played like that," said the 6-3, 234-pounder. "They played pretty good. They played real good. It was a good surprise. I really thought it would be a tough game between two teams. But at the end, Mississippi State just blew Ole Miss out. That came as a surprise because they always battle each other so hard. Mississippi State played a good game, actually excellent."

A couple of his teammates, Charles Burns and Calvin Wilson, are true freshmen on Mississippi State's football team. Was he able to communicate wth them prior to and after the game?

"I talked to Charles the whole time (laugh)," said Milton. "He was like 'we are the best team in Mississippi. You need to come on up here, come on up here.' And he backed it up. He played good. I'm proud of my brothers, they did good." [Editor's Note: Milton, Charles and Calvin aren't actually brothers, but because they are such good friends, Milton considers them like his brothers.]

Since he's now experienced gameday at Mississippi State, has their status changed in his eyes as far as his recruitment is concerned?

"It didn't really do anything because everybody is even right now," explained Milton. "I do like the atmosphere at Mississippi State. I really do."

Less than 24 hours after experiencing the exciting atmosphere at State, Milton had another great experience.

"(MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom came with me to church (Sunday)," said the excited youngster. "It was excellent. He and (MSU assistant) Coach (Freddie) Kitchens came to church with me. My family and me visited with them. They answered any question that my mom and my dad had. We enjoyed it."

It was the first time that Milton had a chance to meet Coach Croom one to one. What are his thoughts about him?

"I had only talked to him on the phone," he noted. "It feels like you are talking to a dad. It doesn't feel like he is a football coach. Anytime you come into contact with Coach Croom you learn something just because he is a wise person and he's been through a lot. And I try to learn something from him. It was a good experience for me to meet him."

As for Coach Kitchens, Milton said, "Coach Kitchens is kind of the calm, laid back type. He is a cool coach."

What coaches have come in for in-home visits, so far? And who else is expected the next few days?

"Coach Croom is the only one that has come in," said Milton. "Alabama and USM are coming (Monday)."

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