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Terry (MS) High School running back Anthony Dixon, along with his three younger brothers and mother, took in the Egg Bowl this past Saturday. He shared his thoughts after watching the game and experiencing gameday at Mississippi State.

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In my last interview with Anthony one thing concerned him about the Mississippi State offense. I'll re-post his exact quote relating to that concern.

'What I didn't like about Mississippi State is I didn't really see the line open up any holes for (Jerious) Norwood. They were small if they did have a hole. I knew they were going to try and run the ball, but I didn't see any holes open up when they did run. They didn't really open up any big holes for him to run through.'

What are his impressions of the MSU offensive line now?

"They dominated," said Anthony. "That surprised me. I hadn't been seeing that when I went to the other games. Jerious (Norwood) was running alright, but they never opened up those big, gapping holes like they did Saturday. That was very impressive. I knew they were young, but now that they stepped up like that and they are still young, that means I will have them for 2 or 3 years if I choose them. That was a major point."

As for the game itself, what did he expect to see from both teams?

"I was expecting it to be an offensive struggling game," commented Anthony. "I knew both defenses were pretty good. I really thought it was going to be an offensive struggle, I really did. Ole Miss came out clicking first and got a deep one. Then, Mississippi State came around."

What are his thoughts about the atmosphere of gameday at Mississippi State?

"The atmosphere was real good," said Anthony. "I finally got up from my seat and walked around during this game. Usually, I just sit in my seat unless I go to the concession stand. I just wanted to walk around and learn about the fans. This game was the last one that I was going to see, so I thought I might as well walk around. I visited the whole stadium. I went over there by the students. It was loud. It was crazy, especially after the game. They were ringing those things (cowbells) all through the stadium. I was walking through the stadium and you could have sworn that they had just won the national championship (laugh). I mean it was loud. They were going crazy."

Did the fan enthusiasm surprise him?

"I can't really say that it did because I thought it was going to be like that," explained Anthony. "That was my first time to go to the Egg Bowl. So, I didn't know how it was supposed to be anyway. And I thought, since it was a rivalry game, everybody might as well show up for the last game."

He's a football player. Does he have any ideas why MSU played so well Saturday?

"I know it had something to do with the seniors because it was their last game," he said. "I guess the pep talk they gave was enough to motivate the offensive line. I guess they probably wanted to send Norwood out with a bang, too."

Has he and his team ever been through what MSU has been through the past two years? And if he so, what turned it around for them?

"I have been through that, too," said the 6-2, 235-pounder. "I believe our team went through that last year. And this year we went 11 and 2. Last year we went 7 and 4. The three seasons before that we were like 2 and 9. It finally clicked for us."

Other than clicking, were there other possible reasons?

"My brothers, really," said Anthony, who rushed for 2,669 yards and 34 touchdowns on 289 carries this season after accumulating 2,220 for his career prior to this season. "They gave us an outside threat (at wide receiver). Some teams were still stubborn and stacked 8 people in the box and we would go deep on them. When they didn't do that, they were still making mistake by putting seven in there. That was mainly what me and Coach Croom talked about (Sunday night). They (MSU head Coach Sylvester Croom and MSU offensive coordinator Woody McCorvey) came in for a home visit (Sunday night)."

Anthony talked a little more in detail about things Coach Croom told him during the in-home visit.

"(Coach Croom) told me what he planned on doing with me," he noted. "He wants to play me at running back. He told me about their situation. He said Brandon Thornton would probably go to the No. 1 back. And that he was probably going to move Brandon Hart to second fullback. He also told me that he has the two dudes committed. But he told me that he really wanted me bad. He talked about some of the strong points in his program and some of the weak points in it. We had a real good visit. My momma cooked. And we sat down and talked for about an hour and a half."

According to Anthony, several other schools have plans for in-home visits during the next couple of days and a couple of others may set up visits soon.

"Ole Miss is going to be here Tuesday and Southern Miss will be here Wednesday," said Anthony. "I will probably talk to LSU and Alabama (on the phone) Monday. They will probably tell me when they are coming in for a visit."

As for his official visits to the schools, Ole Miss is set up for December 2nd, Alabama January 13th and Mississippi State January 20th. He's also recently set up a 4th visit. "I set up my visit for Southern Miss on December 16th," said Anthony. He's talking to LSU about his fifth visit.

As for making a commitment, it appears Anthony will make that decision after his five official visits.

"Now that I have gone up there and experienced Mississippi State, I am going to definitely wait until my official visit," explained Anthony. "It will probably be (after) the last one when I commit."

Keep it right here as we keep you updated on the latest recruiting developments involving Anthony Dixon, one of Mississippi's finest.

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