Dantrell Savage opens eyes

Dantrell Savage (RB, MS Gulf Coast CC) - The former Jordan Vocational High product out of Columbus (GA) had a breakout year this season for the Mississippi Juco State runner-ups.He broke the MS Gulf Coast CC rushing record this season and college recruiters have taken notice.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Dantrell Savage:

Talk about your sophomore season. "It was a pretty good season, and our record was pretty good too (7-3). We came in second in the state and played N' East Okl CC in a bowl game last week."

What were your stats for the year? "I had 1, 413 yards rushing and 15 TD's. I also had 163 yards rushing and 2 TD's in our bowl game."

Did you receive any awards? "We have not had our banquet yet, but I got Outstanding Player of the Game in our bowl game. I also broke our school's rushing record for yards in a season (1, 405)."

What makes you such a good running back? "I would say I am pretty good at breaking tackles, speed, vision, agility, and I follow my blockers well. I block really good and catch real good too."

What part of your game improved the most this year? "I got a whole lot stronger and smarter in making the right decisions. When it came down to down and distance, I made the right decisions on what to do in crunch time."

Did you sign with anyone out of high school? "I committed to Troy State."

Have you scheduled your official visits? "I have ones with Oklahoma State (12/9) and MSU (1/20). I set up with a visit with Iowa State, but I am hesitate on going. I am setting one up with Troy State pretty soon."

Where does Ole Miss stand with you? "They really have not been talking or calling lately, but I think they are suppose to come see me tomorrow and get a visit set up. They are going to meet with me and my coaches, and we are going to find an open weekend for me. I do not know what day I will visit right now because I have to see the dates of my final exams."

When are you on tract to graduate? "In May."

Who is coming after you the hardest? "I would say Oklahoma State. MSU and Troy State are too. It is basically the same. They have all been calling me and getting in touch with my coaches."

Any inhome visits yet? "Iowa State came today. Ole Miss and USM are coming tomorrow. There are some more, but I forgot who they are."

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