MSU Players Talk About Their Win

Mississippi State's basketball players talked about their 67-59 win over New Orleans.

Reginald Delk

Talk about the game.
"I just wanted to go out there and shoot the ball with confidence. Coach (Stansbury) told us to step it up. I went out and played with confidence after focusing on the game all day."

You seemed to take better shots today.
"Yeah, I took better shots. We kicked it to the open man for easier shots. When we get easier shots, we are going to knock it down everytime."

Last game, the team had 3 assists. Today, your team had 6 in the first 8 minutes. Were you passing it better?
"When he told us we had 3 assists, that was embarrassing. Three assists; that is about the total a point guard gets in one half. We had to go out there and work as a team and not as individuals."

What was the thing about the toughness stamp that Coach Stansbury had you guys put on your hands?
"When Coach pulled out the stamp nobody was expecting that. He stamped it on his hand and said toughness! Everybody just got hyped. I looked down at it everytime I got tired. When my ankle got rolled, I looked at it and kept playing hard."

Did everybody get stamped?
"Yeah, everybody (assistant coaches, managers, trainers) got it."

Did it work?
"Yeah, it worked. Man, we came out with energy, confidence. We knew we had to play hard. We had just lost two at home and that was pretty bad. So, we had to come out here and get that win."

Why do you feel you shot the ball better tonight?
"I feel more confident with the open shot. We were moving the ball well and I had good looks. And I knocked them down."

Do you feel you had to do that since you are one of the better outside shooters on this team?
"Yeah, because we weren't getting much offense. I was missing my open shots, so I had to focus better and make them."

Are you looking forward to having some days off after Saturday's game?
"Yeah, if we get a little rest. But (Coach Stansbury) will work us hard in practice."

Jamont Gordon

Why do you feel your team shot the ball better tonight?
"We took more open shots tonight. I penetrated a little bit and kicked it out to the shooters and they made shots."

Your team passed much better tonight after only having 3 assists in the last game.
"It was mostly due to me why we had three assists. I shot bad shots. I watched film with Coach Cunningham yesterday and he showed me some wide open places on the court. I went out there tonight and I saw them open and passed them to the shooters and they knocked them down."

How much did it help to have Charles Rhodes back?
"It helped a lot. The last game we didn't really have many offensive players down on the block, so the guards had to make it happen a lot. With him back, he could score."

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