Dick Davey Post-Game Quotes

Santa Clara head basketball coach Dick Davey talked about his team's 82-69 overtime loss to Mississippi State.

Opening Comments:

"Give credit where credit is due. (Mississippi State) stepped up in the overtime and got it done and made the shots. And we couldn't get it going at that point. Rick's team did a good job today. They made shots today. And they haven't been shooting the ball real well up to this point. But they did a pretty good job of shooting the ball today.

"Both teams played reasonable defensively. They are a little more athletic than we are and created some problems for us with their athleticism. These are two teams that are trying to grow and get better. They are (both) young teams.

"For us to go on the road and have a chance in a game is am improvement from where we have been. And, hopefully, we will continue to grow.'


Why did they hit so many three-pointers?
"That is a good question. I would like to know the answer to that, too. I guess it started in their last game when they started to knock some threes down. And we weren't privy to that tape, although we had seen them in some other tapes. We knew a little bit about what they had done in the last game from the staffs. They are a young team and young teams are usually a little more successful at home."

Do you think your team ran out of a little gas in the overtime?
"Maybe that is why we didn't shoot the ball as effectively as we needed to to have a chance, but I can't answer that. I would have to ask our guys."

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