MSU Players Talk About Their Win

Mississippi State's basketball players talked about their 82-69 win over Santa Clara.

Reginald Delk

You played 41 minutes with no turnovers and shot the ball well. Did you play as well as you can at this point?
"I always think I can do better. I tried to see the court and make good plays and give the ball to people that are open."

What was the difference in this game compared to your other games?
"I'm starting to get comfortable with the guys. We're starting to get a feel for each other."

Tonight, it looked like you were one of the go-to guys. Are you comfortable in that role, especially so early in your career?
"Yeah, I always feel comfortable shooting the ball at the end. That's when I think I focus the most and hit my shot."

How much will having Richard, Dietric and Walter most likely playing in the next game help this team?
"Rest! The defense will be better. They just have to get it in the groove with us, then we will get rolling."

Jamall Edmondson

Where do you feel the team is right now compared to where you felt it would be?
"We are missing Dietric and he is a lockdown defender on the perimeter. Once we get him back, we can hold teams to a lower scoring average. And when we get Richard Delk back, that will be good for the team."

Was this your team's best game this year?
"Yeah, it was the best game because I believe we played lockdown defense throughout."

Was this your best game?
"Yeah, it was. I had been averaging about 4 turnovers. I knew I had to take care of the ball tonight because (Santa Clara) is an experienced team and they would take advantage of any turnovers we made."

How much fun was the overtime?
"It was a lot of fun because we were knocking down shots. We came out with a lot of energy that started on the defensive end."

How big was it to win this game in overtime?
"It was big because we are a young team. It gave us some confidence in ourselves."

Was the reason you guys didn't seem to be as fatigued as you were in the other games due to them not pressing as much defensively?
"They zoned us a lot, so we didn't have to cut to the basket. Plus, we have gotten in a lot better shape due to the 7 game stretch."

Jamont Gordon

It didn't appear you guys felt as tired as you had the previous games.
"I guess we just had a little energy in us. We came out ready to play and shot the ball real well."

Talk about coming from behind to win a game.
"It was a good one for us. In the two games we lost, we came out in the second half not playing hard enough and we lost. So, we came out playing in this one."

You made 4 of 5 three-pointers. Do you consider yourself a three-point shooter?
"I can shoot the ball, but I've been forcing the ball. Tonight, I got open looks and knocked them down."

What was the difference in the overtime compared to the first two periods?
"We came out playing defense and they couldn't score."

You didn't play defense in the first two periods?
"We played hard, but we made sure they weren't going to score this time. They kept getting it in the middle. That 41 (Travis Niesen) kept going to the hole, so we collapsed on him. And he had to kick it out. And we made them have to make their shots."

With 43 seconds left, you guys were down by two and you got that big three-pointer.
"I was waiting on it the entire time. I saw the off-guard cheating over, so I was spotting up where I was going to shoot. And Jamall passed it to me and I knocked it down."

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