Burks Visits Mississippi State and Ole Miss

Mississippi Gulf Coast CC wide receiver Tony Burks discusses his official visits to Mississippi State and Ole Miss this weekend. And his plans for a final visit.

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Due to being a December graduate, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College wide receiver Tony Burks is having to do an accelarated version of official visit taking. This past weekend, Tony visited both Mississippi State and Ole Miss. Yep, both in a three-day period.

"I made it (to Mississippi State) Friday night at about 11:00 and I left at about 1:30 Saturday afternoon. I got to Ole Miss at about 5:00 that day and I left Sunday at 1:00 or 2:00," said Tony, who visits Oklahoma State next weekend.

He talked about both visits. Mississippi State was first on the agenda.

"I liked it," said Tony. "I liked the facilities. They've added on. It was more than I thought. They are adding another (practice) field. The players were friendly and the coaches seemed confident in what they were doing. They also had a plan for academics and for on the field. I was impressed."

And Ole Miss?

"I already knew about everything that they had up there, but they've added the tunnel," said Tony. "I was impressed with (Ole Miss head) Coach (Ed) O (Orgeron) after all that was going on. He was still excited. He said they need some key players to turn things around. He invited us out to his house. I was impressed with that too."

How did the visits compare?

"I will say that they were kind of similar," he said. "They went over the same things. When I got to Mississippi State Friday night, we really didn't get a chance to do anything. At Ole Miss, they had a little more time for preparation. But I wouldn't say one was better than the other."

Like the last time I talked to him, Tony has three schools at the top of his list.

"Right now, my top schools are still the same, Oklahoma State, Mississippi State and Ole Miss," Tony commented.

He explained what he likes about each.

"(The Ole Miss) coaches are trying to rebuild, start over. I wouldn't say from scratch, but they are trying to get it all together. They were real convincing in telling me how they need me.

"(MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom and (Assistant) Coach (Guy) Holliday are doing a real good job. They talked to me about my academics. My mom and me were pleased.

"(Oklahoma State Assistant) Coach (Gunter) Brewer is convincing me that Oklahoma State could be a good school to come to because of the offense they run. And their academics are good, too."

Once he completes his visit to Oklahoma State this coming weekend, Tony will sit down with his mom and figure out which school fits him best. We at Scout.com will bring you the latest developments as they happen.

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