Rick Stansbury Talked About His Team's Win

Mississippi State head basketball coach Rick Stansbury talked about his team's 88-77 win over Troy.

Opening Comments:

"It is very obvious, after seeing the games that we have played, that nothing comes easy for our basketball team. For whatever reason, we were zoned and could not make a shot. At halftime, we were 1 for 16 (at three-point range) and had good shots. The last game we couldn't miss shots. I have no answers to that.

"Give Troy a lot of credit. They had a better gameplan to make shots than we did, because they made shots from everywhere.

"But I am proud of our team. We were down and down big in the second half. I think it was something like 15 or 16 with about 5 or 6 minutest to go in the basketball game. I thought that two guys really step up. But we had a lot of people step up. (Michael) Boler hit a three that got us going. And Jamall (Edmondson) knocked down three or four threes in about a two minute stretch. It went from 16 (points down) to 3 or 4 in a hurry. I thought that Walter Sharpe and Dietric (Slater) came off the bench and gave us great energy and made basketball plays. We found a way to get into overtime. From then on, we made some plays. Dietric made some plays in overtime."


How much better is your team with Walter Sharpe playing?
"Once he gets into shape, there is no question that he will help out team immensely. One thing he wasn't able to do tonight was give him the ball in the post and let him score. Despite that, he still made some plays for us down the stretch."

Dietric made the last four points in the second half.
"Dietric made Dietric plays. None of them were plays you draw up on a chalk board. The plays he made were effort plays. The big offensive putback he made was huge. I think it tied the game to put it into overtime. That play was nothing but effort."

When did you know that Dietric would play in this game?
"I didn't even know at gametime what his status would be. We played him, but he wasn't very effective in the first half. And sometimes playing against a zone is not his best position to play. But when we went five defense and had to play some man, that is when he is at his best."

Did you really think your team has a shot to win the game when you were down by 15 with about 5 minutes to go?
"You always have a shot because the three-point shot changes the game so quickly. We went from 15 (down) to 4 in about two minutes."

You missed 21 of your first 22 three-point attempts.
"21 of 22, that is amazing, amazing. As good as Reginald Delk has been for us, I don't remember him making a shot tonight."

Talk about the play of Jamont Gordon.
"He just makes plays. I haven't seen his stats, but I think he's all over the stat sheet, rebounding scoring, making assists. He just made plays all night long."

How is Jamall Edmondson? He was limping at the end of the game.
"I think he is injured again. I think he pulled his groin again. That is what he said. Hopefully, it's not as bad as it was the first time. Before he started making those shots, I saw him step up in that huddle and show some toughness."

You still have a few more games prior to the state of SEC play. What are some important things that your team needs to accomplish?
"There are a lot of things. As funny as it sounds, it's basically like starting all over again with all the kids back. Some things we need to do is get better at guarding in the man. And we have to get better in all of our offense. We need for people to learn their roles, so that they can play well together. Getting the players back will allow us to do that."

They appeared to cool off late in the game. Do you have a reason for that?
"I thought that we were able to contest a few more shots. I think our man defense changed the momentum of the game. We tried to speed them up a little bit. And they were shooting quick threes already. With our stops we were able to get the ball out in transition a little more. Even though we didn't get a lot of layups, I thought that we got a few quicker, open shots in their zone. I thought that Piotr and Walt were the best at stretching the zone out and allowing gaps for Dietric and open up the top circle for Jamall."

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