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Hinds Community College linebacker Rory Johnson, selected Mississippi's Junior College Player of the Year after leading the state in tackles, has taken one official visit and has at least two more scheduled.

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Rory Johnson, one of the nation's top junior college linebackers, has officially visited Mississippi State and has at least two other visits set.

"I am visiting Texas A&M, Ole Miss and I will probably visit LSU sometime in January, too," said the 6-2, 235-pounder. "I believe I am going to Ole Miss this weekend (December 9th). [Editor's Note: This visit was changed to Jan. 20th] I will probably visit Texas A&M on January 13th. I haven't talked to LSU. They probably tried to call me but my phone has been messed up, though."

As for favorites, he has four on his list with one on top.

"Mississippi State is still on top," said Rory," but everything is close. I also like Texas A&M, Ole Miss and LSU."

He explained what he likes about each school.

Mississippi State - "I signed with Mississippi State out of high school. I always liked them. I like (MSU Head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom. He is a real level-headed type of coach. And I just like the way he runs that program because they are real disciplined."

Ole Miss - "I liked Ole Miss when I went up there for my unofficial visit when they played LSU, even though they lost. I just liked the school and everything when I went to Ole Miss."

LSU - "I had wanted to go to LSU out of high school for awhile, but they stopped recruiting me. I don't know what happened down there, but they stopped recruiting me out of high school. I guess the coach who was recruiting me had left to go to Miami and no one else started recruiting me."

Texas A&M - "It is somewhere different. I have never really been anywhere in Texas except for Dallas and Houston. I want to go out there and see how everything is."

As I wrote earlier, Rory has already officially visited one school, Mississippi State. How was the visit?

"It was a real good visit," he said. "I liked the game and everything else. They played real good. It surprised me how well they played. Jerious Norwood ran the ball real good." [Editors Note: MSU defeated Ole Miss 35-14 in the game he attended.]

Will MSU continue to stay on top once Rory starts taking his other visits? Keep it right here to find out.

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