MSU Recruiting Chat Room Transcript

Enclosed is the December 26th Mississippi State football recruiting chat transcript. Thanks to Steve Robertson for helping me with questions and MommyDog for helping with the transcript. And thanks to all of you who joined. Look for weekly chats from now on.

puppydog:: What's the latest on Terry HS running back Anthony Dixon?
Gene Swindoll:: puppydog: In his latest interviews, Dixon says that MSU is still his leader.

Williams45:: How sure are we that we will land Dixon?
Gene Swindoll:: Williams45: I feel pretty good about MSU signing Dixon.
JimmyInTexas:: I just got in from Jackson and the word out of Terry, MS is that Dixon's mother really likes Coach Croom.

liquidfocus:: Is Anthony Dixon having grade problems?
Gene Swindoll:: liquidfocus: I'm not sure about Dixon's grades. He talks like he is doing ok, though.

ophthodog:: Gene, Do we have any big-time OL prospects that are being kept quiet?
Gene Swindoll:: ophthodog: Not that I know of. Of the ones not committed, I expect MSU to sign either Marshall HS's Dimitri Lott or Co-Lin's J.D. Hamilton, though.

BigDawg291:: Gene, they wouldn't sign both?
Gene Swindoll:: BigDawg291: It's possible, but I don't think likely.

BULLYMAN:: Gene & Steve, back to Hamilton and Lott, why not both?
Gene Swindoll:: BULLYMAN: There's always the chance MSU would sign both, but both play tackle and MSU already has one tackle committed, Melichar, and some potentially great ones that are already on campus.

bigcdawg:: What are our chances with JD Hamilton?
Gene Swindoll:: bigcdawg: I think MSU has a 50/50 shot of signing J.D. Hamilton. West Virginia is the other college in the mix.

BigDawg291:: Gene: Who do you think would be better (Hamilton or Lott)?
Gene Swindoll:: BigDawg291: I haven't seen either one play on film. Hamilton, a juco player, would seemingly give MSU immediate help, while Lott, a high schooler, would probably redshirt.

BigDawg291:: With Latarrius Thomas decommitting from Louisville, it could actually, I think, make it more difficult to commit back to them b/c they might have a sour taste about it.
Gene Swindoll:: BigDawg291: Trust me, Louisville won't back off of him unless they fill up their slots. But he's so good I strongly suspect they would still sign him.

MSUDogVet:: Gene, do you think we have a shot at Latarrius Thomas?
Gene Swindoll:: MSUDogVet: I think MSU has a great shot to land Thomas.

Williams45:: Do you think we get Cleveland East Side's O-lineman Jimmy Rogers?
Gene Swindoll:: Williams45: I don't think MSU has offered Rogers.

dwgfan1:: Gene, you seem high on the LB commits, What former players would you compare them too?
Gene Swindoll:: dwgfan1: Off the top of my head, I don't really know who I would compare them to. But I love what I see from Hughes on video. And he not only plays LB, but starts at FB and plays on special teams. He never takes a play off. And Glover has even better speed than Hughes.

MSUDogVet:: Gene, have you heard anything lately on LaBrandon Glover? Do you think he will follow through with his commitment?
Gene Swindoll:: MSUDogVet: I feel good that Glover will be a Bulldog. That's after interviewing both he and his head coach.

bbdog:: Gene, the most intriguing recruit we have committed in my opinion is the Hughes kid at LB. It seems as if he should have been more highly recruited. Do you know what gives on his recruitment? I am glad we got him.
Gene Swindoll:: bbdog: Hughes played on a bad team in a small town in the Delta. Other than that, I have no idea why coaches have overlooked him. Maybe it's his speed, but he looks pretty fast to me on the video.

Williams45:: What are our chances with California wide receiver Jamere Holland?
Gene Swindoll:: Williams45: I'm not as high on MSU's chances of signing Holland, but his mother will be the key here.

doctor:: Gene, are we going to lose any of our commitments?
Gene Swindoll:: doctor: It's always impossible to tell if you will lose a commitment. I know that's not exactly what you wanted to know, but there's really no way to know what will happen between now and signing day.

spazdawg:: How many recruits will we sign?
Steve Robertson:: spazdawg, I feel certain we will oversign by a couple.

DeMaroon:: Any update on Nick Kyles?
Gene Swindoll:: DeMaroon: He still hasn't qualified.

spazdawg:: Is it possible Kyles will qualify before next fall?
Gene Swindoll:: spazdawg: I'm really now sure what all Kyles has to do to qualify. In addition to passing his ACT test, I've heard he also has to take a couple of classes, but I don't know that for sure.

misdog:: Gene, what's the story in Olive Branch and where do we stand with Victor Thomas?
Gene Swindoll:: misdog: I think MSU's chances are best with Victor Thomas compared to the Summers brothers. But you can never count out Brick Haley when it comes to recruiting a player. And those players are his recruits.

Lildoggy::Is Victor Thomas an OM/LSU/MSU lean. What's the feeling?
Gene Swindoll:: Lildoggy: Based on my interviews with him, Victor Thomas never says he's leaning to any school.

Florida DAWG:: Gene, any comment on the Meridian players. Seems like we kinda dropped out on them.
Gene Swindoll:: Florida DAWG: MSU backed off the two Meridian running backs. I still think they are recruiting Roshaad Byrd.

bulldog1933:: Gene why do you think CC is no longer recruiting the Meridian RB's?
Gene Swindoll:: bulldog1933: According to an assistant coach at Meridian, the MSU coach told him they are full at that position.

bbdog:: Gene, can you give a little breakdown on what our coaches think of our JC receivers Mason and Burks?
Gene Swindoll:: bbdog: I think Coach Croom jumped for joy when he signed Burks. And I think he will do the same when he signs Mason. Watch them on video and you'll understand why.

misdog:: I was just wondering if there is a major coup out there this year that will surprise the dog nation?
Gene Swindoll:: misdog: If there is going to be a major coup, I don't know about him.

BigDawg291:: GENE: How do you feel about MSU getting Chasman Davis?
Gene Swindoll:: BigDawg291: I like MSU's chances with Davis, especially if Georgia never offers.
Steve Robertson:: UGA has 4 LB commits now.

spazdawg:: What about Brandon Whittie, the LB that greyshirted last year?
Gene Swindoll:: spazdawg: I don't know what has happened to Whittie. I don't think he grayshirted, though.

hinddog:: Gene, you know who is available on the board and if you had one pick as an MSU coach who would your player be?
Gene Swindoll:: hinddog: I would say either Anthony Dixon or LT Thomas would be the number 1 recruit that has not committed.

Shelby2:: Anybody got an idea who the mystery OL commitment from GA may be?
Gene Swindoll:: Shelby2: There's not a mystery OL commitment from Georgia that I know of.

jgdawg:: Gene, Has Lewis qualified?
Gene Swindoll:: jgdawg: Lewis hasn't received his test score back.

KB21:: What are you hearing on Richard Sherman?
Gene Swindoll:: KB21: Richard Sherman still likes MSU, but I think it is a longshot for MSU since he has qualified for Stanford, a school that he has long wanted to attend.

CivilEngineerDog:: What about defensive lineman? Are we after any?
Gene Swindoll:: CivilEngineerDog: MSU has Brignone committed. Other than that, everybody appears to be DEs.

jgdawg:: Gene or Steve, what are our chances with Jovon Hayes, the California lineman?
Steve Robertson:: I guess it depends on how much he wants to play in the SEC. I think we have a decent shot, but Arizona is probably the team to beat.

lulingdog:: Any more new on the 3 recruits from Texas that we committed. I know 2 sound pretty solid, what about the O-lineman?
Gene Swindoll:: lulingdog: I think MSU is ok with Chris Herrera, the OL that you are referring to. While he is looking at Iowa State, he said in my most recent interview with him that he is still committed to MSU. He told the Iowa State site staff writer the same thing.

Lildoggy:: Is Co-Line CC defensive back Charles McCrea going to qualify?
Gene Swindoll:: Lildoggy: There is a question mark about McCrea's grades, but I think it is doable.

bulldog1933:: Do we have a shot with his Casey Clausen's brother, Jimmy (a 2007 recruit)?
Gene Swindoll:: bulldog1933: I haven't interviewed the younger Clausen yet.

spazdawg:: Gene, could you list the OL and WR that you expect MSU to sign?
Gene Swindoll:: spazdawg: OL - Chris Herrera, Mark Melichar and either J.D. Hamilton or Dimitri Lott. WR - Alex Carpenter, Tony Burks, Ryan Mason, LT Thomas and Brent Brewer. And, if they qualify, James Lewis and Nick Kyles.

lulingdog:: Gene or Steve, have we stopped recruiting south Louisiana? The coach from Hahnville hasn't seen anyone from State in a while.
Steve Robertson:: It's a good question, but I think (MSU assistant coach) Amos Jones is still down here. I think he has spent more time in Houston lately due to us making some headway down there.

liquidfocus:: Gene, are we looking for any PK?
Gene Swindoll:: liquidfocus: MSU is not recruiting any PKs that I know of.

EWMC:: How would you rate the overall class?
Gene Swindoll:: EWMC: I rate LB and RB great right now. WR just needs one or two more and it will be great.

ROCKETDOGJIM:: We like about 7 recruits to fill our plate. Gene, could you list those 7 for us?
Gene Swindoll:: ROCKETDOGJIM: My best guess is Dixon, Holland, Hamilton, Talbert, Hopson, LT Thomas, and Victor Thomas.

KB21:: Gene, have you talked with Dominic Hopson lately?
Gene Swindoll:: KB21: I've had no luck getting in touch with Hopson for a month or two.

liquidfocus:: GS, what about the secondary? Do we think some wrs will be moving to db? or are we going to sign a few more safeties?
Gene Swindoll:: liquidfocus: If MSU can sign Anthony Summers he could play safety. Marvin Johnson is another possibility.

liquidfocus:: What about Marvin Johnson, do we have a good chance?
Gene Swindoll:: liquidfocus: I think MSU has a solid chance with Marvin Johnson.

KB21:: Is juco running back Dantrell Savage still taking his visit?
Gene Swindoll:: KB21: Based on what Savage told me a few days ago, MSU is not showing any interest in him any longer.

spazdawg:: I'm unclear, are we signing 3 or 4 RBs this year? If 4, who is the 4th?
Gene Swindoll:: spazdawg: I see MSU signing 3 running backs this year unless someone else shows up on the radar screen.

lulingdog:: Other than receiver and running back, do you see any recruits fighting for starting jobs next year?
Gene Swindoll:: lulingdog: I see McCrea, Anthony Johnson, LaBrandon Glover and Jamon Hughes playing significant minutes next year, but I'm not sure that any will start. Johnson is a possible starter if State moves one of their young cornerbacks to safety.

JimmyInTexas:: Who among the OL we are recruiting is a true center?
Gene Swindoll:: JimmyInTexas: Dimitri Lott, in an interview I did with him in November, said State might play him at center.

BirdieDawg:: Gene, any idea about the mystery lineman recruit from Georgia?
Gene Swindoll:: BirdieDawg: There's no mystery OL from Georgia that I know of.

andy8:: Do we have an chance of getting Jamere Holland, the California WR?
Gene Swindoll:: andy8: I think MSU has a chance with Holland. A lot depends on how his visit goes and if his mom visits MSU with him and enjoys the visit.

hinddog:: Gene of the current commits we have who are you the most impressed with?
Gene Swindoll:: hinddog: I haven't seen all of them, but I really like what I see from Jamon Hughes, Courtney Jones and Ryan Mason. I also think Mark Melichar has been much better than I expected.

1putt:: Gene: Who comes in on 1/27?
Gene Swindoll:: 1putt: Off the top of my head, the Olive Branch kids, Thomas Webb and Jovon Hayes come in on Jan. 27th.

lulingdog:: Who is Thomas Webb?
Gene Swindoll:: lulingdog: Thomas Webb is a DE/TE from Starkville HS.

MPdawg:: Gene/Steve, any concern about most of our January visits being 1/20 and 27, i.e., late?
Gene Swindoll:: MPdawg: I'm concerned about the Jan. 27, but not Jan. 20th.

AugDawg:: Gene, any idea who the next commit will be?
Gene Swindoll:: AugDawg: Sorry, but I'm not really sure who will commit next. Maybe Chasman Davis. But that's only because he's through with all of his visits and he appears to like MSU a lot.

RCDog:: Gene, any idea which way Hattiesburg DE Milton Talbert is leaning?
Gene Swindoll:: RCDog: My gut feeling is Talbert will choose between MSU and Alabama. With two of his teammates at MSU, that should give them the edge.

liquidfocus:: What D-linemen are left - and who will do we have a great chance with?
Gene Swindoll:: liquidfocus: I don't think MSU will sign more than 1 or 2 DTs that will qualify. They will probably sign 3 or 4 DEs, though.

KB21:: Gene, do you think MSU will sign and place (D-Linemen) Jasper Brooks and Alex Dekle?
Gene Swindoll:: KB21: Placing Brooks and Dekle is a possibility.

TigerDog:: GENE, what have you heard about Rodney Gray, the WR from South Panola?
Gene Swindoll:: TigerDog: I think MSU was looking at him at one time but probably aren't now.

coolela:: Gene, anything on Ansley Clevil? You mentioned him early this year along with the other Venice (CA) HS players?
Gene Swindoll:: coolela: I don't think MSU is recruiting Clevil.

DOGPOUNDROCK:: Why is no one on the Pearl River CC QB Jimmy Oliver?
Gene Swindoll:: DOGPOUNDROCK: Usually, when D-I schools don't offer a kid it's due to his size, talent level or grades.

bigcdawg:: Gene: Have you heard anymore news on Travis Sanford?
Gene Swindoll:: bigcdawg: Nothing new with Travis Sanford.

lulingdog:: Gene or Steve - When is the dead period over?
Steve Robertson:: lulingdog: New Year's day. Jan. 2 thru Jan. 7 is the next open period

BigDawg291:: Will we redshirt Brandon Henderson as well as Aaron Feld?
Gene Swindoll:: BigDawg291: Feld told me tonight that he will grayshirt. Henderson never brought it up when I talked to him.

JimmyInTexas:: Who is most likely to grayshirt besides Thomas Webb, the player from Starkville?
Gene Swindoll:: JimmyInTexas: The most recent commitment, Aaron Feld, a tremendous long snapper, will also grayshirt. See the Hot News for the latest on him. Other than that, I don't know of any.

tbmdawg:: Will Aaron Feld do anything else for us other than long snap?
Gene Swindoll:: tbmdawg: Aaron Feld, MSU's latest commitment, told me that he will long snap and that the coaches will try him at other positions. He wouldn't mind trying FB and LB.

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