ScoutTV: MSU Signee Jarvis Varnado-Part 2

For the second night in a row, I videotaped Mississippi State basketball signee Jarvis Varnado playing in a tournament in Somerville, Tennessee. Check out how he did the second time around in this exclusive ScoutTV video presentation.

Jarvis Varnado Profile Page:

Jarvis Varnado, in clip 1, shows the impressive offensive ability he has. After scoring mostly dunks and layups in the first offensive video I presented yesterday, Jarvis shows in this clip that he also has an offense away from the basket. In clip 2, he continues to show why he is possibly the top shot-blocker in high school ball. He also shows his rebounding skills in clip 2. These two videos were shot by me at a game played Friday night (December 30th) in a tournament in Somerville, Tennessee.

In the game, Jarvis had 19 points, 9 block shots and approximately 15 rebounds. For the two games combined, he had 35 points, 15 blocks and 25 to 30 rebounds.

No. 32 (in White), Center, Jarvis Varnado.

Clip 1 - Watch Video

Clip 2 - Watch Video

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