Travis Timmons Recruiting Update

Defensive tackle Travis Timmons of F. W. Buchholz High School in Gainesville, Florida, talks recruiting.

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Look for things to pick up for Travis Timmons, one of the most articulate and friendly youngsters that you will ever talk to.

"I just got my ACT score back today. I made 18 on it," said the 6-4, 285-pounder. "I'm disappointed because I thought I was going to make something like a 20. I'm definitely going to re-take it. I'm also very close on my gpa. I was on the honor roll the first half of the year."

Why do I think that will make a difference? Although he has numerous offers from schools such as South Florida, Central Florida, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Maryland, FIU and East Carolina, it's kind of being up and down with a number of other schools due to his unknown academics.

"Over the summer I got a lot of offers, then it got dead," said Travis. "I guess colleges started checking out my transcripts. And I had some things going on with Georgia. Coach Stephens of Middle Tennessee came by today. He told me to call him as soon as I found out my ACT score. Florida was showing interest at one time. I was talking to Virginia Tech and they were going to give me an offer, but they kind of got quiet. FSU was showing interest. Miami's coaches were showing interest but they got fired, so I'm not sure what I am going to do about that. They came to three of my games and told me that they were going to offer. They said they were just waiting on my ACT score to make sure that I'm qualified. Everybody has been waiting to see if I am qualified."

Another school that recently became interested in him is Mississippi State.

"I talked to one of their coaches at my school recently," said Travis. "One of their coaches stopped by and gave me his business card. He said they had talked to my head coach and that they wanted to show some interest in me. He said he was going to come by the school on the 11th (of January) and contact me. I told him that was alright with me."

Is he interested in MSU?

"Yes, I am," said Travis. "If they are willing to offer, I would be willing to talk to them about it, but I don't really know where I stand with them."

They've got some work to do because he's already got five schools that he's considering for a visit and only 4 dates in January that he can take a visit.

"I visit Miami this weekend," noted Travis. "I have East Carolina set up for next week. I'm deciding whether I am going to visit Florida State or UCF on the 20th. (Florida State defensive line) Coach Odell Haggins is in love with me at the defensive line position because I have been knowing them since the 8th grade and going to their camp. I have them penciled in, but UCF has been showing me a lot of love. And FSU is kind of stacked. And I have Georgia on the 27th. If Mississippi State offered, I would most definitely consider visiting them. To be honest, I would like to play in the SEC, but whoever shows me the most love, I would be willing to go after."

Does he plan on taking all his visits or commit if he feels the a school is the right place for him after the visit?

"Every coach that I have talked I have told them I understand that they want to recruit me, but that I want to take all of my visits just to make sure," he explained.

What will be the deciding factor in his choice of a college?

"I want there to be good chemistry between the players and the coaches," said Travis. "I'm definitely going to look into who will give me the most support. So, it would definitely be the connection that I would have with the coaches. Some schools I wouldn't mind redshirting at, some schools want me to play immediately. Playing time is a factor. Prestige is about 3rd on the list. Then, location of the school. I really don't care about location because that can be dealt with. I don't really want to go too far from my family because I'm a momma's boy. As far as winning or losing, every school has to turn it around somewhere. UCF came from 0-11 to winning games. I don't want to lose every game, so that is in the mix, but it's not too far into the mix."

We'll check back with Travis in a week or two to find out the latest.

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