Callaway HS (Jackson, MS) OL Donovan Davis

Gene's Page interviewed Callaway HS (Jackson, MS) offensive lineman Donovan Davis on May 22th. Donovan was selected by The Clarion-Ledger as one of the top 50 juniors in the state of Mississippi. He was visited by nationally known recruiting analyst Tom Lemming on Lemming's spring tour of the top players in the nation.

What is your height, weight and forty speed?
"6-7, 305 and 5.8."

What is your maximum bench press and squat?
"My bench press is 325 and I squat 625."

What positions do you play on the offensive line?
"Tackle and guard."

Do you play positions other than offensive line?
"Yes sir, defensive tackle and noseguard."

What do you feel are your strengths as a football player?
"Pass-blocking and my leadership skills. I think those are things that set me apart from other people."

Have you always had leadership ability or is it something that you have worked to develop?
"Considering my size, people kind of look up to me."

Are there areas of your game that you want to improve?
"My speed. My speed is kind of a problem. I also want to improve my footwork."

Did your coach keep any kind of offensive stats for the offensive linemen? What I'm really referring to are grades for each game or maybe even pancake blocks.
"We had pancake blocks. I think he said I had 78 last season."

What kind of honors did you earn at the end of your junior season?
"I was Offensive Lineman of the Year on my team. I was All-District first-team, All-Region first-team, (The Clarion-Ledger) All-Metro first-team, and (The Clarion-Ledger) All-State first-team. I was also selected Student Sports Junior All-American."

Didn't Tom Lemming come through and meet with you and tell you that you had been selected to his list of the top 150 players in the nation?
"Yes sir."

What else did he talk to you about?
"He said I was invited to the (Army) All-American game in San Antonio, Texas."

That is a great honor to already have an invitation to that game. That is the best of the best.

What football camps did you attend last summer?
"Last summer, we really didn't go to a lot of camps. I just went to two camps. I was really busy away from football. I went to Ole Miss' football camp."

Do you plan on attending any camps this summer?
"(Laugh). That is a whole other story. We are going everywhere in the SEC except for Vanderbilt, Kentucky and Arkansas. We are going to be on the road all summer. I like traveling with my teammates because it brings us together and gets us ready for the upcoming fall."

Have you grown up a fan of any particular college or colleges?
"When I was a kid, all I used to watch were Michigan and Florida. They were my cornerstones of college football. I really don't know why. It is like when you go down to the "Swamp", if you are an opposing team, there is a level of intimidation they put in you with the crowd."

What schools are mailing you letters?
"(All) the SEC, Notre Dame, Penn State, Northwestern, Illinois, Ohio State, Baylor, Florida State, Clemson. There are quite a few others."

In May, college coaches can call players one time. Have you received any calls?
"Yes sir, so far LSU, Ole Miss, Florida, Auburn, Mississippi State, Arkansas, USM, Marshall, South Carolina and Clemson. I think Alabama called a couple of days ago. I was a little sick when they called me."

Have you received any scholarship offers, verbal or written?
"Florida, Mississippi State, Alabama, Ole Miss, and Southern Miss."

What schools are you most interested in at this time. Of course, I know it is very early in the recruiting process and this is in no way binding.
"That is a tough question. I would say my top choices would be Mississippi State because of their location and they have the engineering school, Florida, LSU.....probably Ole Miss.....I'm considering Auburn not necessarily because of their football but because of their engineering school, Florida State and Miami, of course. Really, I don't know because I have a little bit of time left and I want to make the right decision."

I understand.

Does Callaway have other players that are being looked at by college coaches?
"Yes sir, I think Callaway has the most projected D-I prospects coming up this year. We have a running back that is being highly recruited (Larry Thomas), a DB (Jason McWillie) and a quarterback (Geoffrey Gray) that both run 4.4s. Then we have a wide receiver (Terrance Jones) and another tackle (Landryl Johnson) that is about my size." [According to the final stats in The Clarion-Ledger, Thomas rushed for 1,019 yards and 9 TDS. Gray completed 59-of-98 passes for 1,089 yards and 9 TDs. Jones caught 29 passes for 687 yards and 8 TDs. I hope to talk to Callaway HS head football coach Gerry Anderson in the next day or two for information on all of these kids including Donovan.-Gene]

Donovan, I've really enjoyed talking with you and look forward to talking to you again.
"No problem. I appreciate you calling."

Other Donovan Davis Info:

  • Donovan is an excellent student. He has already made an excellent ACT score. He will easily qualify, academically.
  • Donovan, an extremely polite young man, will be 18 years old December 26th.
  • Donovan plans on majoring in engineering.

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