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Timmy Bailey, one of the top linebackers in the Mississippi junior college ranks in year 2003, has recently returned from Iraq after serving there with his National Guard reserve unit and is back on the recruiting radar screen.

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"He got back home last week and came by and visited Wednesday," said Mississippi Delta Community College assistant coach Rod Gibson. "When he walked into my door the other day, I was like wow. He's real muscled up now and has gained about 10 pounds. He worked out and ran as much as he could when he was over there.

"He played one year for us (2003) before going to Iraq. He said he wanted to know who is interested in. A lot of people were interested in him prior to when he left. A few phone calls were made to several coaches and his (Riverside) high school coach made some calls."

And it's been a hectic 48 hours for Timmy since those calls were made.

"A lot of people are trying to see if they can get him because he has 4 years to play 3 years of college football and he is 6-3, 245 and runs well," said Coach Gibson. "The schools that I know of that are looking at him are Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Alabama. Nothing is definite yet because everything is being processed right now."

Timmy, due to his academic progress, is expected to be eligible to sign with a college in February.

"He only has 12 hours that he needs to pass because he went to summer school several sessions," said Gibson. "All he lacks are some elective classes. Prior to him leaving with his reserve unit to go to Iraq, he was going to graduate in December. He would have been eligible to go somewhere in January."

What do the schools like about him?

"He is tall, he can run, he has long arms and big hands, a very rangy kind of guy," Gibson said. "He has arms and hands like (former MSU player and current NFL player) Alvin McKinley. He can vertical jump 40 inches. And he's a smart football player. Although he's been gone for awhile, he could possibly be a big-time player."

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