Travis Timmons Recruiting Update

Defensive tackle Travis Timmons of F. W. Buchholz High School in Gainesville, Florida, talks recruiting.

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The very talented and very articulate Travis Timmons continues to receive recruiting calls from numerous colleges.

"(Head) Coach (George) O'Leary and (assistant) Coach (George) Godsey of UCF have talked to both me and my mother to check on me," said the 6-4.5, 285-pounder. "I also talked to the coach from East Carolina and the secondary coach from North Carolina. I've talked to (assistant) Coach (Mike) Locksley from Illinois here and there. South Florida is still calling me. FIU is calling me. FSU is calling me. And Georgia is calling me. I know it's late in the game, but I kind of want a little interest from (LSU head coach) Les Myles because their defensive tackles are nasty. The past four years straight they have put defensive linemen in the league (NFL)."

As for in-home or in-school visits, he has several schools that he knows are coming in soon.

"UCF is coming to my school. My coach told me that Mississippi State is coming in," he said. "If I'm not mistaken, (assistant) Coach (Rodney) Garner, the defensive line coach from Georgia, is coming in for an in-home visit."

He also has official visits planned the remaining weekends in January and even a couple of mid-week visits are a possibility if necessary.

"I'm going to East Carolina Friday (January 13th) for an official visit," said Travis. "Georgia is still the same (January 27th). But we are going to talk to their coaches on the 20th because they want to check my grades. On the 20th, I'm going to either UCF or FSU. My mom really wants me to check UCF out because she likes what they are offering. I'm thinking about taking a couple of mid-week visits. If Mississippi State offers me a visit, it would have to be a mid-week visit."

He was scheduled to take an official visit to Miami last weekend. He explained why he didn't.

"My father ended up calling one of the coaches there," said Travis. "He wound up getting re-routed of something like that to somebody and that person told him there were no (official) visits this weekend or last weekend. He said the coaches had told him that they were telling everyone that because (Miami head) Coach (Larry) Coker is trying to make sure their commitments were reassured by going out and visiting them." [Editor's Note: Miami fired several coaches a couple of weeks ago.]

As for favorites, he's not marking anyone off his list that is still showing interest.

"Everybody is still on my list," he said. "I like whoever is on me the most."

When it comes time to choose a school, Travis won't commit just because the school is a big-name school.

"I'm not just going to choose a team due to their prestige," said Travis, who claims offers from Georgia, Central Florida, South Florida, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Maryland, East Carolina and FIU. "You have a team like Mississippi State who hasn't won a lot of games the past couple of years, then you have a team like Miami who has won a lot of games. You aren't going to sign with Miami just because they are Miami, at least not the recruits that are somewhat smart. I'm definitely not going to do that. I'm going to go where it's best for me."

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