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Terry (MS) High School running back Anthony Dixon (6-1.5, 227), arguably the top senior running back in the state of Mississippi, not only talks recruiting but also about his three younger brothers, all excellent athletes themselves.

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Who have you officially visited and who's left to visit?
"I've visited Ole Miss (Dec 2) and Southern Miss (Dec. 9). I have Mississippi State left (Jan. 20) and, possibly, LSU."

You've said for quite awhile, MSU is your leader. Why MSU?
"Originally, they were my first team. During the recruiting process I have been talking to other teams, but I'm been waiting to visit Mississippi State to see if that is where I wanted to be. In the beginning, when recruiting got going, I was trying to see which teams I liked. And I kind of got down to Mississippi State. And all along I've been waiting to go up there and visit to see if that is where I want to be. I think I will make a commitment if that is what I like."

What other things do you like about Mississippi State?
"Getting to know the coaches made it that much better. I went to more of their games than anybody else because I thought this was one of the top places that I was going to want to be. And I got a chance to really vibe with their players."

Is there anything specific that has to happen for you to go ahead and commit to MSU this weekend?
"I really can't say specifically what has to happen, but it's just got to be a feeling that this is where I want to be."

What other teams do you have an eye on?
"To tell you the truth, I kind of liked Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss and Southern Miss. They all ran the ball a lot. And most of the coaches were player type coaches. I watched Southern Miss practice. I watched Mississippi State practice. They had the player coaches. And I like the energy they bring."

Now that the recruiting process is winding down for you, reflect back on it for me.
"In the beginning, people told me that a lot of people would be calling me. I didn't really believe them and wondered how hard it could be. But it really hasn't given me much trouble. I'm a good-hearted person who can talk to anybody. That's been my whole approach. I have nothing to be angry about. I'm making my grades and doing good on the football field. I feel like my life is going right. I'm just enjoying it."

What is the thing you have liked the most about recruiting?
"The thing I liked about it was the attention. You know that you have worked hard in the summer, you put the work in the weightroom and you stayed in school. I set my goal to play football and stay in school. And all that is now paying off. You now really have a shot to come out and go to college and do something with your life."

Were there things in the process that you haven't liked?
"Like I told all the coaches, the decision part (of choosing a college) has been the toughest. And I haven't been able to go out with my friends like I used to because I've been working out to prepare to go to the next level. That has been the hardest part, not being able to go out and enjoy my time with my friends. And I had to quit basketball. And, right now, I'm not playing baseball."

I've been trying to come up with a player that I would compare your athletic ability, size and running style to. What do you think you are most similar to?
"I've been trying to find somebody that I'm similar to. I think I found a dude the other day, Deshaun Foster (6-0, 222), who plays for Carolina (in the NFL). He is a big guy who has the speed to get to the outside. When he's running in between tackles, he's not necessarily running with all power, but he's side-stepping some of the players. He's taking the hits, but he's still going forward. When they hit him in the chest, it really doesn't faze him. He just bounces sideways, but he's still moving his feet and still going forward."

You have three younger brothers who are also really good athletes. They will probably be going through the recruiting process as well. What advice will you offer them?
"I will probably tell them to have fun and enjoy it, enjoy doing what they worked so hard to do. Don't let it get to you so that you think to yourself that I don't want to talk to them or I don't feel like doing this. This is only going to happen one time (in your life) unless one of us has to go to a juco or something and we have to go through it again."

What similarities do all four of you have?
"We have never been losing type brothers. We are going to win this game, we don't believe we will lose."

I want you to describe each of your brothers; their strong points and things they still need to work on.

"(11th grader) Antwon Dixon, who is 6-1.5 and 195 to 200, has developed his speed. He's really gotten fast. Plus, he's got a cut-throat attitude, kind of like me, when he's out there on the field. He's ready to make the play if the coach calls on him. He's an athlete who can play almost every position, although I don't know if he's ever played quarterback. He started out playing running back, then he moved to linebacker last year and safety this year. He played cornerback his 10th grade year. He played wide receiver, cornerback, safety and outside linebacker. I think he had 600 yards receiving and 11 or 12 touchdowns. He had 80-something tackles and 6 or 7 interceptions. I think he still needs to learn the game a little better. And he's not really a talker, not a leader type player. He's going to come to work and do his work and leave.

"(10th grader) Rashun Dixon is about 6-2, 205. He plays wide receiver and safety. Like me, he's got the killer instinct on the field. He goes out there with the attitude that we are going to win the game today. We aren't going to let the other team beat us. He knows a lot about the game like I do. He can get open on his routes. If you throw a jump ball up there, he can pretty much get to it. I think that receiver is his position. I think he will be a real good receiver. He doesn't have a lot of moves, but he can make a move on somebody and get past them. His speed is not lightning fast like Antwon, but he is going to be up there. He's kind of heavy-footed, kind of like me a little bit. This year, he kind of played with the big boys. He caught passes in big games. You saw in the Franklin County game him returning a kickoff.

"(8th grader) Deshun Dixon is about 5-9 and 165. He plays running back. If you look at my tape, you'll pretty much see him out there. He kind of models his game after mine. He has the killer instinct that we are going to win the game. That's what my daddy instilled in us. You are going to win this game and not let the dude on the other side beat you. He can run and is strong for his age. When they are playing the middle school game there is really no one on the field who can keep up with him. He kind of carries his team. He's a talkative player and I think he's a little bit of a leader. He's also a real good baseball player. I think he has to learn things like Antwon, just learning the game. And he just needs to grow some more. If he grows some more and learns the game more and take some knowledge from the rest of us, I think he is going to be real good. They always say the youngest is going to be the best."

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