Ryan Mason Talks About His MSU Visit

One of MSU's biggest needs this recruiting year was wide receiver. The MSU coaching staff discovered Mississippi Delta Community College wide receiver Ryan Mason and was able to gain a commitment from the junior college all-star. Ryan officially visited the Mississippi State campus this weekend. We were able to catch with him to see how things went.

Ryan Mason Profile Page:

Ryan, how was your visit to Mississippi State?
"Oh man, it was beautiful. It was wonderful, just everything about it. I really enjoyed it a lot. I enjoyed the hospitality and the atmosphere. It was just awesome. It exceeded all of my expectations."

Who was your host?
"Jason Husband was my host. He is a cool guy. We hung out a lot."

Were you able to hang out with the other visitors?
"Yes, we all just hung out together on Saturday night. It was a real good group of guys. I think several of those guys ended up committing." [Editor's Note: Reggie Odom, Alex Dekle, and Tim Bailey (Ryan's teammate) committed to State while on their visit.]

Did the visit to MSU solidify your decision?
"Oh, yes sir. It just kind of sealed it all up. It was just awesome. I don't know what else to say, it was awesome. It just added more fuel to the fire that I already had. I am so excited I can't wait to get there."

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