Brandon Henderson Talks About His MSU Visit

MSU commitment Brandon Henderson officially visited the Mississippi State campus this weekend. We were able to catch up with Brandon to see how his visit went.

Brandon Henderson Profile Page:

Brandon, how was your visit to Mississippi State?
"It was great! It was everything I expected it to be."

Who was your player host?
"Dezmond Sherrod. He is a really good guy."

What stood out about the visit?
"I really liked the facilities and meeting the players. My mom was very impressed with everything, too. We got to meet (MSU head football coach Sylvester Croom's wife) Mrs. Croom as well. She was really nice."

Did you get the chance to hang out with the other visitors?
"Oh, yeah we spent a lot of time together after all the tours and meetings were done. Most of those guys say they are leaning toward Mississippi State, too."

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