Victor Thomas Enjoys His MSU Visit

Olive Branch High School defensive end Victor Thomas, the 16th ranked player in the state of Mississippi by, talked about his official visit to Mississippi State this weekend.

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Although he liked just about everything about his visit, the Mississippi State facilities appeared to stand out in Victor's mind.

"It went good. I liked the new facilities. They looked good," said Victor. "I've been up there a lot of times, but I hadn't seen their new facilities. I saw their new freshman dorm and the Palmeiro building. And I saw the )banquet room) that they are building onto the Palmeiro Center. I also liked the Croom Room (in the Shira Fieldhouse). It's like a big lounge (for the players)."

He also was impressed with the MSU players and coaches.

"The players have a family atmosphere down there," said Victor, who was hosted by Deljuan Robinson. "A lot of players hang out together. I like the coaches. They are cool coaches."

Where does MSU now stand with him?

"They are up there with Tennessee," said Victor. "They are the same."

Now that he is through with his visits, when does he expect to make his decision?

"I don't know. It may be this week, but I don't really know," said Victor, who went on his trip with his family and also his teammate, Anthony Summers, an MSU commitment.

We'll check back with Victor later this week to find out whether it will be Mississippi State or Tennessee.

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