Mark Melichar Talks About His MSU Visit

One of MSU's earliest football commitments was Mark Melichar. The Oak Mountain (AL) High School offensive line standout officially visited the Mississippi State campus this past weekend. We were able to catch up with him to see how his visit went.

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Mark, how was your visit to Mississippi State?
"It was great! We got there Friday afternoon and got to meet with some of the coaches. My parents really enjoyed everything as well."

Who was your player host?
"Johnny Carpenter was. I got to hang out with him some and Brandon Hart; they are both great guys."

What stood out during the visit?
"I was very impressed with the academic support. We had a meeting with an academic advisor and she told us she is going to be on us to make sure we go to class, do our homework, go to the study halls and take care of things academically. (MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom said he wanted a 100% graduation ratio and with the support they have in place I think we can attain that. I know my parents felt good about all of the support as well.

"The athletic facilities were also impressive. Most of the guys who had never seen Mississippi State before were just blown away. Everything was great. The locker room was really nice.

"One big selling point to me was the dorms. We got to see Ruby Hall and go in some of the dorm rooms. It was really nice compared to some of the dorms freshmen have to stay in at other schools."

Were you able to spend some time with the other visitors?
"Yes, I did and I was encouraging them to come to Mississippi State. I spent a lot of time with J.D. Hamilton the big offensive lineman from Co-Lin junior college. He is a really good guy. I spent some time with Victor Thomas and told him that he needed to come to MSU because we are putting together a good class. I spoke with Milton Talbert, too. After the weekend they put on for us, I don't see how they couldn't come to Mississippi State."

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