Reggie Odom Commits to MSU

Reggie Odom, rated the 37th best defensive tackle in the nation by, commits to Mississippi State while on his official visit.

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One of the big news items this past weekend for Mississippi State football coaches and fans were the commitments from Tim Bailey, Alex Dekle and Reggie Odom. Reggie, one of the top defensive linemen in the nation, shared his good news.

"I'm a Bulldog," said the quotable youngster. "I committed Saturday morning after we ate breakfast. We were sitting there eating breakfast and Coach Croom came over and sat at our table. That night, I had already experienced a little bit of Mississippi State after talking to the players and coaches. I said, 'Coach, I feel it. This is where I want to be.' He said, 'Odom, what are you saying?' I said, 'Coach, I want to commit.' He said, 'are you positive?' I said, 'Coach, I'm dead serious. I want to commit. I'm dead serious about it.' He said, 'you are on the squad and are good to go.' He told all the rest of the coaches and I shook at least 50 to 55 hands. I'm there. I'm just waiting on signing day so that I can sign that paper and it's official."

He explained what it was about MSU that caused him to go ahead and commit.

"I chose them because of the coaching staff and the players being down to earth and being able to see myself in that position," said the 6-2, 285-pounder. "The program is in the SEC. And it was a blast seeing the campus. When I landed in Starkville I was wondering where the school is. Once we got there, I'm like this is bigger than I thought. Everybody said everything is small around here, that there is nothing around here but land. Then, when we got on campus Saturday I saw the facilities and they are phenomenal. There is nothing small about those. They are not half-stepping it at all. Everything is state of art. It's the best that I have seen. We went to the (Sanderson) rec center and I couldn't believe it. It has five (basketball) courts, an indoor and outdoor pool, and other rooms. Something that also impressed me was the (Shira Fieldhouse) Croom Room. I said to myself, 'oh my God'. As soon as I walked in, I was like I'm home. It feels like home. It really serves its purpose." [Editor's Note: The Croom Room is a recreational room for the football players.]

He talked about the visit itself.

"The visit was nice. It was a blast," he said. "We got there and we went to a restaurant and everybody was just laid back. Mike Heard was my host. He was real cool. He showed me a nice time. Getting to know the guys already on the team played a big part in it. It's the place to be."

He has an official visit set up with Marshall on the 27th. Will he still take it?

"I'm going to cancel my Marshall visit. I'm a Bulldog," said Reggie.

With his future set for the next four or five years, what is next for Reggie? I'll let Reggie tell you.

"When I went up there, I thought to myself, 'these boys are looking like beasts or should I say these men are looking like beasts.' I thought I was working hard when I lifted, but when we went to the weight room and saw the regimen that they do, I told myself, 'I'm warming up compared to what they are doing.' When I get back, I'm going to get back on my weights and get ready."

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