L.T. Thomas Recruiting Update

New Smyrna Beach (FL) HS wide receiver L.T. Thomas' guardian Andy Cox provides an update on LT's recruitment.

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LT has his decision plan mapped out.

"We will do it Friday," said Andy. "He just got through visiting Coach Levine from Louisville at the school. They will come tonight (Tuesday night) at 7:30. It's just Coach Levine. Coach Petrina has been out one time this month. Tomorrow (Wednesday), the wide receiver coach, the offensive coordinator, the recruiting coordinator and the head coach from West Virginia will be here. Thursday, Coach Beamer and Coach McCorvey are coming (from Mississippi State) to school, then Thursday night at the house. Then, Friday after school we are going to eat pizza and he is going to make up his mind."

And it will be a tough decision for the youngster to make.

"He's trying to sort through it. He's a good kid and he likes everybody, so I think it is going to hurt him a little bit to have to tell two of these people that he's not going to their school," said Andy. "But that's part of growing up."

LT and Andy have talked about all three schools Monday.

"We talked about (his decision) about an hour (Monday)," said Andy. "He has concerns about each place and he has positives about each one. His question with Louisville is Coach Petrino in the running for the Raiders job. Some say he is, some say he isn't. I think his question about West Virginia is exactly how much will they throw the ball. With Mississippi State it's the Southeastern Conference. Can they get it done? How long will it take? Things like that."

Which school will win out? We'll all know within 36 hours to 48 hours.

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