Dixon Talks About His Commitment to MSU

Terry (MS) High School running back Anthony Dixon committed to Mississippi State this morning. Read what he had to say.

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Anthony's opening comments.
"I have been going through the recruiting process and today I came to a conclusion and I'm ready to make my decision. The school that I am going to attend next year is Mississippi State. (loud applause in the background from several students in attendance)."

Why Mississippi State?
"They have an opening (at running back). I went up there this weekend and had a real good time hanging out with the players. I talked to Coach Croom and Coach Kitchens about every day I was up there and I got a real good relationship with both of them. I believe what they are telling me. Plus, they have a big fullback that I can run behind. (laughter from the crowd)"

What other schools were you considering?
"I was considering Ole Miss and Southern Miss. What made it so hard is I don't think any of them would have been a bad choice for me to go in and play. I just felt Mississippi State more than the others."

When did you actually make the decision that MSU was your school of choice?
"It was probably Monday. I was almost ready Sunday. But I wanted to think about it a whole day. When I got home Monday, I thought about it some more. I probably made up my mind Tuesday morning that I was going to go to Mississippi State."

What was the deciding factor that pushed Mississippi State over the edge?
"The relationship that I built with them. I built a good relationship with all of them, but I think when I went down to Mississippi State it was a little better than the rest of them."

Did any of the schools recruiting you try to come in for in-home visits this week?
"Ole Miss and Southern Miss did try to come in and talk to me before today, but I told them I was finished talking. I just wanted to get by myself and think about it. I knew what all of them had to offer me, so I didn't need to hear anything else."

What did Coach Croom tell you about the offensive line?
"Last year they were kind of young. He told me that he would have them all back and he promised me that they would be ready. And, like I said, they already have the big fullback that I can run behind for a year."

Do you plan on contributing early?
"Yes sir, I'm planning on playing as soon as I get up there and get in the weight room and do a whole bunch of running."

What do you think about Starkville?
"I think it is a great city where I can enjoy my time off when I'm not playing football."

Did Cordera Eason going to Ole Miss kind of influence you to go toward Mississippi State?
"It really didn't because Mississippi State has been my leader the whole time. I'm pretty sure he's a good running back. He wanted to go to Ole Miss, but Mississippi State has been my leader from day one."

What were the difference in State and Ole Miss and State and Southern Miss?
"With Ole Miss, I liked Coach O. And Coach Hughes has been one of my favorites talking to him the whole time. Toward the end, I thought that Coach Orgeron was going to have to go through what Coach Croom went through for at least the first couple of years while rebuilding his team. I read about the good recruiting class that they are having this year, but I felt that Coach Croom was almost a step ahead of them with the recruiting class and being there for two years. I think this year we are going to get it together and I am going to go up there and try and help them get to a bowl game."

What would you like to tell the MSU fans what they can expect from you once you get up there?
"Prepare for a fighting running back. I am going to go out there and give them 100%. I will be super hyped. I am going to try and do something spectacular everytime I touch (the ball). I want to almost say they can prepare to be in a bowl game next year. If it depends on me, I am going to get it there."


What are your thoughts about Anthony's decision?
"Overall, after the weekend, I was impressed with Croom. In the recruiting process everybody sells you a little story. But I really believe in him and I think he believes in (Anthony). I think he really thinks he can come in and help him offensively in the backfield. Plus, he is going to be competing against two other freshmen. If he does his homework and gets in the weightroom, he can start or, I think, get a whole lot of playing time."


What are your thoughts about Anthony's decision?
"Out of all the coaches, Coach Croom was the one that was real with Anthony. He didn't sit down and surgarcoat anything with Anthony. He was straight forward. He didn't say he could come in and start right away. He explained to Anthony that if he came in and worked hard, then the position was open for him. To me, he is a great person. He sold all of us this (past) weekend. I like his honesty and the way he treated Anthony."

Did Coach Croom stress the importance of education to you?
"He did stress it a lot. He explained to Anthony that he would check on him everyday in class. If he's not there, then he would have to run the bleachers and run the track and do whatever it took for him to get into the classroom and get a great education."

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