Kenny Ashley Receives a New Scholarship Offer

Mississippi State running back commitment Kenny Ashley received a new offer Monday afternoon.

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Mississippi State fans saw the small recruiting blurb in the Hot News at the top of my page: Kenny Ashley receives offer from USC.

While I won't say grown men started crying, I will say there was some concern in Bulldogland. While the Bulldog fans were expressing their concern about the possibility of losing Kenny, in southern California, the man of the hour, Kenny Ashley, was dealing with it in more logical fashion. In fact, based on his first comments to me, it didn't appear to be that big of a deal to him.

"Really, nothing really happened. I got an offer from Southern Cal today," said Kenny, matter of factly. "It was more of a text message (offer). It said they were going to send scholarship papers, the Letter of Intent and the scholarship to the house. Basically, they were asking me what address to send it to. It wasn't really too big of a deal."

But, while it's not that big of a deal, it has thrown somewhat of a monkey wrench into the last two days of what Kenny thought was going to be a quiet time.

"I don't know what to do (laugh). Everybody is asking me what I'm going to do," said the three-star running back. "It's overwhelming. I'm just so blessed to even have schools looking at me. It's a blessing to have schools even call me or talk to me and give me the time of day. Right now, I'm so confused."

While he's a bit confused, he's got an idea of what the Southern Cal and Mississippi State coaches are thinking.

"I talked to the Southern Cal coach earlier," said Kenny. "Basically, he said they were going to give me my papers on signing day. I already know how the Mississippi State coaches feel. And I love it down there."

While he feels he now has a solid offer from Southern Cal, he knows he has one offer that is as solid as a rock.

"Right now, I'm not going to say yes I'm considering Southern Cal because I don't even know if it's still true. Right now, I have one firm (offer)," said Kenny. "I know that if anything goes wrong in my life I know that I can always count on (MSU head coach) Sylvester Croom and going down there and playing and being a Bulldog. But if I see the (USC) paperwork in my hand...really I'm going to do what's in my heart and is best for me. I'm not going to knock any school. Southern California, Oregon to UCLA...they are all great schools. To get my degree from either of the two schools would be an honor. What kid wouldn't consider this? Any adult would. You would. Once I see the paperwork, I'm going to do what's inside of my heart. And I know what I'm going to do. You should know what I'm going to do."

In his heart and best for him equals being happy.

"That's the thing. I've got to be happy," said Kenny. "And I love it down there in Starkville. Starkville is such a great town. (MSU freshman) Brandon Hart, all of the players showed me such a good time when I came down there two weeks ago. I mean I loved it down there. All the guys, everybody ... it was such a great thing just to see the atmosphere one more time. Just to see the classroom point of view. The last time I went up there (in the spring) it was more football."

The bottom line is....

"It's Southern Cal and Mississippi State. I never know what can happen. I'm going to make a decision when I wake up (Wednesday). Wherever my heart tells me, that's what I'm sticking to."

Check back signing day to find out who wins out for this very talented young running back.

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