Jimmy Bass Resigns

Jimmy Bass, Mississippi State's Senior Associate Director of Athletics for Development and Marketing, explains why he has decided to resign his position with the Mississippi State athletic department.

Have you officially resigned?
"Gene, I submitted my resignation Thursday morning. We did it strictly for personal and family reasons."

What are your plans now?
"We have several professional opportunities. Sarah and I are moving back to North Carolina. Corey, who is in school here will remain here, at least through the spring semester. We have several options that we are considering. Hopefully, by sometime next week we will have a better feel on what we need to do. We are going to go home and talk about it as a family. And pray about it. And we hope by early next week we'll know more."

This is a shock to the Bulldog nation because of the timing of this decision.
"Timing-wise, it is probably never good for any situation like this. But my family, regardless of any other situation, will always come first. The truth is this is for personal and family reason. I regret very much that the timing may be unfortunate, but I will never regret doing what is in the best interest of our family."

You have a lot of great ideas, many of which are close to being implemented. What is the status of those?
"I don't know. That is a decision that Dr. Lee, Larry Templeton and Hal Parker and the other leaders in the Bulldog Club are going to have to decide. That is completely up to the leadership here. And it's a good leadership. And they'll do what is in the best interest of this athletic program."

Have any of the plans been officially approved?
"Has it been finally approved? Not yet, but it was very close to being finalized. Just another couple of i's dotted and t's crossed. But again, the university leadership will have to make the call on that."

Have any of the plans been rejected?
"No, nothing has been rejected. Ultimately, it will come down to a decision by the president and athletic director deciding on such a significant shift. That hasn't changed. The university appointed a football committee and a basketball committee, which is made up of university volunteers and donors. And we went through that process. We met with the students seeking their input. The university has done a wonderful job seeking input from different individuals and groups. And they will make what they feel is in the best interest of the university and the athletic program. I still have confidence that they will do what is right for the university."

[Editor's Note - The primary plan we are referring to is the new seating arrangements at both the football stadium and the basketball coliseum. A decision appears to be imminent as to whether they will or won't be implemented.]

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