Co-Eric Riley: The Next Eric Moulds?

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College wide receiver Co-Eric Riley has aspirations to break records of Eric Moulds, a childhood friend of his.

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Co-Eric Riley already has a first name similar to a good friend of his, Eric Moulds. Moulds, a former Mississippi State star wide receiver and one of the top wide receivers in the National Football League, is a longtime friend of Co-Eric's.

"Eric and I grew up in the same neighborhood," said Co-Eric. "He treats me like a brother."

Eric's also offered advice on how Co-Eric can achieve the potential that his immense talent affords him.

"Eric has told me to stay in the weight room, get stronger, eat right and always keep a positive attitude," said Co-Eric, who plans on graduating in December, 2006.

And, so far, Co-Eric has taken that advice to heart.

"I broke all of (Eric's) high school records," said Co-Eric. "I am a big fan of his and I'm trying to follow in his footsteps. If I go to Mississippi State, I'm going to try and break his records there, too."

Speaking of going to Mississippi State, what schools is he interested in?

"Right now, I'm interested in State, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Alabama and Auburn. And I like Georgia and Florida, too," said Co-Eric, who recently received recruiting letters from Mississippi State and Ole Miss. "My two leaders are Mississippi State and Ole Miss. State is number one and Ole Miss is two. I like them because they are closer to home and I want to stay in Mississippi."

Does he have plans to commit anytime soon?

"I'm not ready to commit yet because anything can happen to the college that I want to go to such as the coach might get fired or something else might happen," said the 6-2, 200-pounder. "You never know, so I'm going to wait."

In the believe it or not catgory, Co-Eric recorded 36 catches while playing in six games this year ...... all while playing on a sprained ankle and a broken wrist.

"I broke my wrist the first game of the season," said Co-Eric. "I wore a hard cast. I would take it off, then, after the game, I would put it back on."

So, when you watch video of him on this site, remind yourself he did it while playing with injuries to his ankle and wrist.

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