Mississippi State commitment James Lewis, the Player of the Year in Los Angeles a couple of years ago, sent his academic information to the NCAA Clearinghouse in early January. After waiting almost two months, he was finally cleared. And James couldn't be happier.

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"I was glad to know that I wouldn't be watching next fall and that I would actually be playing," said a very happy James Lewis. "It's been awhile. I have two years of anger ready to put on the SEC."

James found out the good news earlier this week.

"I found out that I was cleared for everything a couple of days ago. I went by the office and (Wide receiver) Coach (Guy) Holliday told me that I could apply for the June semester," said James. "I didn't know they had all my transcripts at Admissions. They were looking at it because they didn't know if the score was too high. Then, they found out that everything was perfect, but it was too late for me to get into classes in the spring. They told me I would be ready to roll in June."

What's he doing now that he's a soon-to-be Bulldog?

"I'm trying to be as involved with the team as much as I can. I'm working out with the team at 2:30 like everyday," he said. "People go out there and work out on their own. No coaches can go out there and work out with them."

As for what position he will play when he suits up next fall, it appears there are three possibilities.

"I think (Offensive coordinator) Coach (Woody) McCorvey wants me to play running back, but, right now, they still have me at receiver," explained James. "I'm just trying to work on playing safety, running back and wide receiver, just in case. Those are the three most likely positions that I will play."

He's not only working at several positions, but he's also trying to drop a few pounds of weight.

"I'm 6-1, 224 to 225. I have been losing weight, but they want me to get down to 215 to 217," said James.

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