Davis Talks About His Surgery

Mississippi State signee Chasman Davis underwent surgery to have nerve damage in his knee repaired. Chasman talked about the surgery and his upcoming ACL surgery.

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Chasman had his surgery mid-February.

"I had (my surgery) on the 16th (of February)," said Chasman. "I messed up my knee and they fixed it. It's the same doctor who did Willis McGahee's knee (surgery) down in Miami. I think when I talked to you I was still trying to find the right doctor."

Chasman explained what the surgery corrected.

"The main problem was that my nerve was messed up," he noted. "It came from my knee injury. When (the doctor) went inside he looked at it and said it was tangled up, but he undid that. There was some damage to my nerve, but they didn't have to do any surgery on the nerve. I think I twisted it, but he untangled it and I'm getting my feeling back."

Next up is the surgery to repair his actual ACL injury that occurred during the Florida-California All-Star game that he participated in.

"He is going to fix my ACL next," said Chasman. "I torn 3 or 4 ligaments. The outside of my leg was (swollen). That's what he fixed first. Now, all he has to do is my ACL. And he said that should be simple. I go back to him on the 16th and he will take the brace off. He'll then let me walk, trying to get my leg moving better. Then, that's when he will do the other surgery."

Chasman's not really sure how long it will take to recovery from the injury and surgeries.

"I'm not really in a rush for that," he commented. "I can't even walk by myself right now. I've been working out my upper body, but that's all I can do. It's really up to the doctor and he doesn't want me to put any kind of pressure on it."

Considering the elite athlete that he is, this has been extremely tough to deal with. In fact, he's never had to deal with something as serious as this.

"It's been tough on me. I've never had a knee injury," he said. "It's a lot different than what I'm used to. I've had a lot of other injuries, but nothing like this. And for the first time for me to mess up my knee, I did some serious stuff to it, but he fixed it. So, it's up to me to rehab it."

We'll check back with Chasman monthly to see how he's progressing.

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