Receiving a Lot of Interest

Safety/wide receiver Antwon Dixon, a four-star player from Terry (MS) High School, is receiving heavy interest from schools throughout the nation.

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Antwon already has one scholarship offer in hand.

"I have one scholarship and that's from Ole Miss," he said. "I received it awhile back. It was about two weeks after Ole Miss' football season ended."

Was it a surprise to receive an offer so early?

"It didn't surprise me because when we went to see them play, they said they were going to recruit me hard and that they might offer me early," said the 6-1, 195-pounder.

Does he know why Ole Miss offered so early?

"They like that I can play both sides of the ball and can make a big impact on both sides of the ball," he explained. "I told them that I want to play safety, so they said they will let me play safety."

Why safety?

"I like safety. I like wide receiver, but I like to hit," said Antwon. " I like to hit. I have been playing defense since I was little. I finally started playing offense when I got to high school. But I like defense."

Getting back to schools showing interest in him, in addition to Ole Miss, there are several others that are sending letters, a lot of letters.

"LSU is sending me a lot," noted Antwon. "They probably send the most letters. Alabama sends me a good bit. Florida sends me a good bit."

Antwon is also doing his best to visit as many schools as possible, although playing baseball is cutting down the number of weekends he has available.

"I had a Junior Day plan for this weekend at Auburn, but we have a baseball tournament, so I had to cancel that," Antwon said. "I know that me, Charlie Shearer and Taylor Quick are going to the Mississippi State (Junior Day). I wanted to go to Tennessee, but that caught us on a bad week. I also got (an invitation) from Florida, but my mom didn't want to make the drive."

In addition to the ones he mentioned, he also received Junior Day invitations from Ole Miss, LSU, Miami and Alabama.

As for favorite schools, Antwon has seven on his mind.

"I like LSU. They are big. I like their defense," he said. "I have Mississippi State as my second one because my brother (Anthony signed there) and they are the homestate school. I like Florida and how they recruited this year. I got Ole Miss up there. I have Alabama and Miami. And I had Tennessee in there."

Does any school lead over the others?

"Really, right now, all of them are the same," said Antwon.

He explained why he likes each school.

LSU - "I like how their defense communicates. One player helps out the other player. I like that."

MSU - "I like how nice their players are. They are going to talk with you and hang out with you. They are a simple, cool school. That's why I like them."

Florida - "Florida has a nice defense. They are known for their defense and their crowd."

Ole Miss - "They are just like Mississippi State, a family school. The players are nice. All of them are friendly."

Alabama - "Their defense. Their defense is one of the tops in the nation almost every year."

Miami - "They are fast. That's how I like to play, fast. Fast defense. Their offense is going to execute, so all you have to do is execute on defense. That's what I like about them."

Tennessee - "I like their crowd and their coach. Their coach knows what he's doing."

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