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Ole Miss commitment Robert Elliott has received his second written offer; this one from Mississippi State. What are his thoughts about the offer, the two schools that have now offered him and recruiting in general?

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"Mississippi State and Ole Miss have offered me," said Robert. "Mississippi State offered me last week on Wednesday. They told me that they were thinking about offering me, but they couldn't offer me because (MSU Head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom had to have shoulder surgery.

"(Assistant) Coach (J.B.) Grimes is recruiting me for State. For Ole Miss, it's (Assistant) Coach (Hugh) Freeze. I talk to Ole Miss every Monday night. I talk to Mississippi State about once a week, too, probably like every Wednesday. They text message me and I call them. Both of the coaches are cool and nice. Coach Freeze is a nice man and funny."

He also talked about head coaches at both of the school that have offered him.

"I love (Ole Miss Head) Coach (Ed) Orgeron. He's so hyped up," said Robert. "It's like he never sits down. He stays active. (MSU Head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom is laid back and is all about business. I like that about him."

Robert is making the Junior Day rounds, with one out of the way and two others just ahead.

"I went to Ole Miss' Junior Day. That's the only one I've gone to, so far," said the 6-1, 190-pounder. "And I know I'm going to Mississippi State's. Auburn and Tennessee are on the same day, but I'm going to one of those two, but we haven't decided which one."

He explained the reason for going to several Junior Days instead of just Ole Miss'.

"I want to compare the programs to each other, see which one has the better academics, better football program, better coaching staff," said Robert. "I want to compare those things."

Of the Junior Days he is considering going to, Robert has a connection to two of the schools due to his sister, Britney Elliott.

"My sister used to go to Tennessee, so we know that road by heart," he said. "She goes to (Mississippi) State now. She transferred and is running track. She walked on on their team."

And like his sister, he's a pretty good track athlete himself.

"I run the 300 hurdles, the 200 meters, the 4x1, 4x2 and the 4x4. My 7th grade year I didn't make it to the North half (championship)," said Robert. "The 8th and 9th grade years I made it to the North half. My 10th grade year I made it to the State (Championship) and won third place in the 300 hurdles."

And he's also a pretty good basketball player, but it looks like he's given up that sport due to the potential for injury.

"I played basketball but me and my coaches sat down and talked about it. They really didn't want me to play basketball because I could go out there and get injured," he explained. "It's easy to tear an ACL on the basketball court. (Because of that) I said that I'm just going to stick to football."

Committing to a school so early in the recruiting process is extremely uncommon. Robert explained why he decided to make that decision.

"My mom and I sat down and talked about it and thought that it would be a good decision for me to make. Of all the players from all the schools around here they could have offered, they offered me," said Robert. "My mom doesn't think I'm that good, she thinks I'm just an average player who is from a little 2A school."

Just to let his mom know, Robert is an SEC talent. There is no doubt about that at all.

Getting back to his Ole Miss commitment, while he still considers himself a solid commit to them, he's still going to consider what other schools have to offer.

"I committed to Ole Miss because I like Ole Miss, but I just want to go to the place that's best for me," he noted. "I'm going to look at the depth chart and go where they need running backs. I don't want to go where they have six running backs in front of me. I want to go somewhere where I will get playing time.

"I'm really stuck on Ole Miss, but it comes down to whoever offers me the best offer."

And what does his mom think now that he's received a second offer with more, very likely, coming?

"She is looking at the education programs," said Robert. "It's which one that has the best educational program."

His mom has also offered advice on which college football camps she would like to see him attend this summer.

"My mom wants me to go to Ole Miss' one day camp and she wants me to go to Penn State's camp," said Robert. "That's where all my family is, in Pennsylvania. Penn State has sent me a letter and wants to look at some of my film and wants me to come to their camp. I think I'm going to go."

Will he attend any other camps?

"I haven't been invited to come to any of the other camps," he said.

Look for that to change once college coaches see game tapes of this tremendously talented young running back.

Robert will attend the All-American combine at Oxford, Mississippi on April 30th.

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