Not a Secret Any Longer

Jake Thames is an offensive lineman from Lawrence County High School who is receiving a lot of attention from several Southeastern Conference schools as well as numerous other schools.

Jake Thames Profile Page:

Jake is not a lineman that's as well known among fans who follow recruiting as most of the other top offensive linemen in the state of Mississippi. Part of that is due to a growth spurt over the course of the past year and only attending one college camp last summer.

"I grew a bunch. I grew about 3 or 4 inches this past year," said Jake, who now measures in at 6-6 and 245 pounds. "I just went to Delta State (camp) last year."

But colleges have found out about him .... in a big way.

"I've gotten letters from pretty much everybody in the southeast," said Jake. "I'm also receiving letters from Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Southern Miss, Illinois and Dartmouth."

It's not surprising that he's receiving letters from top-notch academic schools since he's a 3.4 GPA student in the classroom and has already made a qualifying ACT score.

While he's receiving daily letters, he's not one to sit at home waiting for schools to contact him.

"I went to visit Ole Miss' Junior Day and Tennessee's Junior Day," said Jake. "They are sending me a lot of letters. Ole Miss appears to be real interested, but I don't really know. I like Tennessee a lot. I also want to go to Ole Miss', LSU's and maybe Mississippi State's camps."

Does he has a list of favorite schools?

"My favorite schools are Tennessee, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, LSU and Southern (Miss)," said Jake.

He has a strong family connection to one of those five schools.

"My dad is a (Mississippi) State fan. That's where he went to school," he said. "And my brother (Luke Thames) is up there right now."

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Check out Jake's video below.

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