Philadelphia (MS) HS QB/WR/RB/KS Tyler Threadgill

[Premium article] Tyler Threadgill (5-11.5, 180, 4.32) is a QB/DB/KS from Philadelphia (MS) High School. A MAC 3A first-team All-State punter as a junior, Tyler showed great promise at QB combining for over 1,300 yards passing and rushing his junior season. Possible the fastest football player in the state of Mississippi, he was selected to The Clarion-Ledger's Top 50 Junior list.

I talked to your dad earlier. He said you ran a 4.32 forty on grass at the Ole Miss camp. That is an amazing time, Tyler.
"Last year, at the Ole Miss camp, I ran it in 4.38 so I really wasn't surprised.They told me that is the fastest they have clocked anyone in twelve years, either at the camp or anyone that they have signed. They said that (Ole Miss wide receiver) Armstead ran it in 4.36."

Is that the fastest you have run the forty?
"Yes sir."

I know the 4.32 was your fastest time, but do you feel you can consistently run a sub 4.4 forty?
"Yes sir. I went to Tennessee (camp) this past weekend and ran a 4.39. But I hurt my hip flexor the first 20 minutes while I was there, so I wasn't really 100%. After I ran the forty I had to get some ice and had to leave because I couldn't do anything."

Tyler, your coach told me that you are 5-11.5 and weigh 185 pounds.
"Yes sir, that is pretty much right on. Right now, I am at 178. My weight depends on what season it is."

What is your maximum bench and squat?
"Probably 300 on the bench and 315 on the squat."

You play baseball during the spring don't you? That hurts your weight-lifting doesn't it?
"Yes sir, I don't get to do their off-season program. My bench will fall while I'm playing baseball."

I know you play quarterback. Do you play other positions?
"You name it, I play it. I played a little running back, wide receiver, return kicks, punter and kicker."

What honors have you won other than first-team MAC 3A All-State?
"I was the Meridian Star's most valuable player."

What about All-Region?
"Yes sir, I think I was All-Region and I think I was also Most Valuable Player in the region."

You have already gone to the Ole Miss, Tennessee and LSU camps this summer. What other camps are you going to?
"I will be going to (Mississippi) State's. I think I will also go to Auburn's."

Have you grown up a fan of any particular school?
"Not being close, I didn't get to go to very many of (Mississippi State's) games, but everytime they were on tv I watched them. They were still my favorite even over there. It seemed like every year they played on TBS and I would watch it. Sometime they would be the Jefferson Pilot game and I would watch it."

What schools are mailing you letters?
"All the SEC schools and a lot of others that I can't name off the top of my head."

Coaches could call during May. Did you receive any calls?
"Yes sir, I did. Mississippi State's Coach McCray called me. Southern and Ole Miss called."

Your dad said that Tennessee showed interest while you were at their recent camp.
"They did a little bit, but due to the new recruiting rule that (the NCAA) passed where you can't use a camp as a recruiting tool, they have been a little skittish. Last year they would go ahead and talk to you a lot, but they have been very careful this year."

Have you received any scholarship offers?
"No sir, none at this time."

What schools are you most interested in at this time?
"Definitely Mississippi State; I guess Ole Miss, maybe; LSU probably; Tennessee, definitely and Nebraska because they run the option a lot."

What do you like about each school?
"I like Mississippi State because my dad played there. And people would know what to expect. It would just be comfortable being up there. Ole Miss has pursued me real hard. They send me a lot of letters and showed a lot of interest in me at their camp. Last year at their camp, they pretty much offered me after I ran that 4.38 forty. I guess, because my dad went to State, they felt like they would need to work a lot harder to get me away from State. LSU has a great atmosphere with the stadium and the crazy folks down there. (laugh). I've been down there one time to watch a game. Tennessee has great facilities and the atmosphere there is something you can hardly beat. I like Nebraska because they run the option."

What do you think about the assistant coaches that are recruiting you?
"I really like them all."

Switching gears, you are also a pretty fair baseball player, aren't you?
"I was All-State. I play centerfield. I think I was most valuable player in our district."

How good of a hitter are you?
"I hit about .421 and 10 home runs."

How big is the field at Philadelphia?
"About 365 to 370 in center and 330 down the line."

With your speed, are you a base-stealer?
"I have been, but this year I batted third."

Have you gone to any baseball camps?
"I went to State's winter camp."

What schools are recruiting you for baseball?
"Ole Miss, Auburn and State."

Are you going to try and play both sports in college?
"Yes sir."

I've really enjoyed talking to you, Tyler. And wish you all the best.

"It was good talking to you too."

Other Tyler Threadgill Info:

  • Tyler is a very good student who will have no problem qualifying.
  • Tyler's dad, Bruce Threadgill, played at Mississippi State from 1975 to 1977 and played in the NFL for 8 years.
  • During the 9th grade, when he lived in Georgia, Tyler won the state championship in the 100 meters. He also won the state championship in the 8th grade, although that was in junior high.
  • According to his dad, Tyler was nominated for all-state at five different positions.

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