Attends MSU's Junior Day

Caledonia (MS) High School offensive lineman Derek Sherrod attended Mississippi State's Junior Day this past Saturday. Derek talked about his experience at MSU.

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"I went to MSU's Junior Day Saturday," said Derek. "I think it went really well and I enjoyed it a lot. I learned a lot of new stuff about them. And I got to see how they are going to do next season by their practice."

Derek talked in detail about his Junior Day experience.

"I got to meet a couple of new coaches that I hadn't gotten to talk to before. And everybody was very professional and very nice throughout the whole Junior Day. They were pretty cool and are a good coaching staff.

"We started out at the Palmeiro Center (MSU's new indoor facility), then we went over to the (Shira) fieldhouse and they showed us all the new stuff there. Then, we finished at the stadium.

"The Palmeiro Center was really nice. It has a big practice field in it. While in the Palmeiro Center, they introduced us to all the coaches and we met our recruiting area coach. (Ellis Johnson) was very nice. At the fieldhouse, they told us about all the new things they have and they gave us a tour of the place. They have a lot of nice stuff and everything is fairly new. And they have a lot of things that look very, very professional and have things that teams need to become winners. After that, we went inside the stadium and had lunch. We then finished out the day with a full two-hour scrimmage."

Did he get to talk to any of the other prospects while at the Junior Day?

"I talked with (Madison Centeral High School's) Chaz Ramsey again. I also talked with (Co-Lin Community College's) Edward Prince again. We remembered each other from the ( All-American) combine (at Starkville last year)."

What were his impressions of the MSU football team after watching their scrimmage?

"I saw a lot of talent out there. They look like they are going to be pretty good the next couple of years," said the 6-6, 298-pounder. "They have a good chance to win some games."

Considering he'll play on the offensive line in college, did he focus on the offensive side of the ball while watching the scrimmage?

"I mainly focused on both (sides of the ball) because if I do choose to go there I will be on the offense, but I will have to work with both sides of the team if we are going to accomplish anything," said Derek, whose brother, Dezmond, is a member of the MSU football team. "The offensive line looked like they have some good size and are (guys) that I can learn from. The defensive line looked pretty good. They were stopping up the holes at the scrimmage."

What are his impressions of Mississippi State, overall, after attending the Junior Day?

"It didn't really make a difference to me because with Dezmond playing there, it already feels like a family atmosphere to me," noted Derek.

The last time I talked to Derek, he had three offers from Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Louisville. Any new offers or interest since then?

"I still have the same offers as before," he said. "A lot of schools from a lot of difference conferences are showing interest in me. I got invited to a lot of Junior Days, but, unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to many of them. I can't remember all of them, but Florida State, USC and Tennessee are some that I remember. I went to Ole Miss', Alabama's and then I went to (Mississippi) State's."

What schools are at the top of his list?

"My favorite schools are (Mississippi) State, Alabama, Florida State, Florida, Louisville, LSU and Notre Dame," said Derek.

We'll check back with Derek in about a month to fine out the latest recruiting information.

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