One of State's Best Attends MSU's Junior Day

Madison Central High School offensive lineman Chaz Ramsey, one of the top players in the southeast, talked about attending Mississippi State's Junior Day this past Saturday.

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Chaz Ramsey has made the Junior Day rounds the past few weeks. And he has one more non-Junior Day stop to make before he's through for the spring.

"I've been to (Junior Days at) Ole Miss, Auburn, LSU, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Memphis and Southern (Miss)," said the 6-4, 270-pounder. "We just have to go to LSU's spring game this weekend and we are done."

His latest Junior Day was Mississippi State this past Saturday. And he liked what he saw.

"The facilities were a lot nicer than I thought they were going to be. They have a real nice weight room and a huge locker room," said Chaz. "I've heard that State wasn't as upper class as other SEC schools, but they can hang with anybody facility-wise. It was nice. And (MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom talked to us while we were there. He is the kind (of person) that is going to be straight-forward with you no matter what. He's sort of like a father-figure and a coach at the same time. That was the first time I ever met him."

What did he and Coach Croom talk about?

"He played center (in college) and he said I was their future center if I were to choose Mississippi State," said Chaz. "And I fit in there because I'm kind of a laid-back guy and they have a laid-back atmosphere up there."

Chaz also had the chance to watch the MSU football team in action during the scrimmage. And not unexpectedly, he mainly focused on the offensive line.

"I got to watch practice, so I got to watch how they run their line," he said. "They run pretty much the same things we do, a bunch of pulling and things like that."

What were his impressions of the team overall?

"Mississippi State's defense is going to be really good this year," said the youngster. "And their offense, toward the end of the scrimmage, started moving it on their defense. Their offense will be good, too, if they can move it on their own defense."

Now that he's had a chance to see Mississippi State football up close and personal, what are his thoughts about them?

"They are going to be hard to turn down. They are definitely one of my top five," he said.

Who are his favorites?

"I would say, in no particular order, I like Auburn, LSU, Mississippi State, Memphis, Southern (Miss), Vanderbilt and Alabama," said Chaz, who has offers from Mississippi State, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Memphis, Southern Miss and Houston.

Several other schools are also showing significant interest and could move into his recruiting picture.

"Florida has started coming on a little bit. They've been calling the school a lot," said Chaz. "And Tennessee and Arkansas have been sending a bunch of letters to the school. LSU told me to come to their senior camp. They are very interested."

Has he given any thought to what schools he will camp at this summer?

"I don't know yet. It just depends on who shows a bunch of interest," noted Chaz.

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