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Forrest Moore, one of the nation's best junior lefthanded pitchers, is receiving attention from colleges throughout the nation. As of now, four schools sit at the top of his list.

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"The schools showing the most attention (in me) right now are Miami, Mississippi State, Cal-State Fullerton, LSU, Kentucky and TCU," said the 6-3, 190-pounder. He's also received letters from Alabama, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Arkansas, South Carolina, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Arizona, Arizona State, USC, Stanford, Clemson, Virginia, Miami, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame and Boston College.

As for who he likes among that elite group, four stand out.

"My top ones are Mississippi State, probably Cal-State Fullerton, Kentucky and LSU," said Forrest. "Cal-State Fullerton is probably my last choice because I want to stay close to home."

Another factor is being able to not only pitch, but play in the field as well. And that could help two of the four schools when it comes time for him to put his name on the dotted line.

"Most all of the schools want me as a pitcher other than a couple like Mississippi State and Kentucky. They will let me play both," said Forrest. "That will be the main factor in my decision."

And MSU has one more advantage.

"I've grown up a fan of Mississippi State," said Forrest, whose mother, Jewel, was a MSU baseball Diamond Girl and his dad, Dana, was a kicker at MSU. "It will probably factor into my decision a little bit."

And he would like to make that decision as soon as possible.

"I would like to commit early if I can get all the (scholarship) terms completed. I would like to do it right now so that I could get it over with," he said matter of factly. "A couple of (the schools) know that I want to commit early. LSU and Mississippi State are about the only two that know that I want to commit early."

And both have talked to him about what they can offer him as far as his scholarship goes and playing time.

"LSU has told me how much I can get out of my grades (from the TOPS program) and how much (athletic aid) they would have to give me if I want to go there," said Forrest "They've also told me about pitching and hitting, but not playing (in the field) if I went there. Mississippi State told me that I would be able to play first (base) and pitch and that my grades would factor into how much I would get with my scholarship."

Whomever is lucky enough to sign him will have a second battle ahead of them. As of now, Forrest is considered the 64th best junior in the nation. Some pro scouts are even saying he could be a 1st round supplemental draft choice in the 2007 Major League Baseball Draft if he continues to develop.

How much will the pros factor into his ultimate decision?

"Hopefully, I will be lucky enough to get drafted high enough," said Forrest, who throws his fastball in the 87-88 range, topping out at 90. "I would love to go straight (to the pros) out of high school. If not, then I will go to college."

Mississippi State, LSU, Kentucky or Major League Baseball: Which one will ultimately win out? Only time will tell, and until that time comes, we, at, will keep you abreast of the latest Forrest Moore recruiting news.

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