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South Panola High School junior offensive lineman Hunter Bailey received his first scholarship offer a few days ago.

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"Mississippi State is the only school showing interest in me right now. They offered me sometime last week," said Hunter.

He explained why the MSU coaches decided to offer so early in the process.

"(Assistant Coach Brick Haley and Head Coach Sylvester Croom) said that I look like a good player and that they like tough guys and I look like one," noted Hunter. "I don't know what I am going to do for them, but they seem to like me."

While he's not sure what they see in him, he does have an opinion about his strong points as a player.

"I guess one of my strengths is my strength," said Hunter somewhat reluctantly. "I also don't like anybody to run over me. And my size. Although I'm not going to be that big when I get up there. But where I am now I'm one of the bigger guys."

When I asked him his favorite schools, he said he wants to stay, relatively, close to home.

"I reckon the closest ones - Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Tennessee ... and LSU sounds pretty nice," said the 6-2, 317-pounder. "I'll play anywhere, but I don't want to go anywhere far away."

Not only is he not that interested in going too far away, but he's also not much into the recruiting process like so many of today's youngsters.

When I asked him his thoughts about recruiting, he said, "I couldn't even tell you anything about it. I haven't even talked to any coaches except for Coach Croom. And I'm only been to one college football game, one of Ole Miss' games. I've been to Ole Miss one time and walked in their stadium. I sat with my uncle. I've never been to (Mississippi) State or anywhere else. I've also been to an Ole Miss football camp when I was in the 9th grade. That's been about it. I just like to play."

And you can watch him play in the ScoutTV video presentation below.

No 72 OG Hunter Bailey

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