Jenkins Has Two SEC Offers

Winona (MS) High School TE/DE Colton Jenkins recently received his second Southeastern Conference scholarship offer. And a third SEC school is showing a lot of attention in him.

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"I've received offers from (Mississippi) State and Ole Miss. State offered me either last week or the week before last," said Colton. "I sent them a film and they replied saying that they were going to offer over text (messaging). Then, I went to their Junior Day and met (MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom. And he said that they were mailing the (offer) letter. I got it the next week. I also have a written one from Ole Miss, too."

As for schools showing attention in him, those two and one other SEC school are showing the most attention, although numerous schools are mailing letters.

"I'm receiving the most attention from Ole Miss, State and Alabama. All three of those schools have talked to my coach and I've talked to them over the phone," said the 6-6, 275-pounder. "I've also received letters from Auburn, Vanderbilt, Memphis, LSU, Louisville, Duke and a few others."

He is projected as a tight end or defensive end by a couple of schools and as a offensive tackle or defensive tackle by a third one. However, it doesn't matter to him what position he plays.

"Ole Miss and Alabama are recruiting me for tight end or defensive end and Mississippi State said I would probably outgrow the position, so they said I would play (offensive) tackle or defensive line," said Colton, who has visited all three of those schools this spring on unofficial visits. "Some people may love 6-6, 6-7, 275 tight ends. At State I guess they want a smaller one. But I'll play wherever you want to put me. I don't care. As long as I get to play the game, I'm be alright."

He gave his thoughts about each of the three schools that he has visited.

Ole Miss - "It is comfortable. All the players and coaches are like one big family. I love the facilities. They have great facilities."

Mississippi State - "The same thing with Mississippi State, but I know the campus better because I have been going to Mississippi State football games since I was able to go. My blood has always run maroon and white and my mom works for Mississippi State at the extension service. I love the facilities. And I love Coach Croom."

Alabama - "Their school is all about football just about. That's all they care about. They also want your grades to be up there. (Alabama head) Coach (Mike) Shula feels the same way about his players. And I met (Assistant) Coach Sparky Woods and I really like him. He reminds me of some people that I know."

When asked what schools are at the top of his list, he said, "my favorite schools are State, Alabama and Ole Miss. I also hope that I will receive some stuff from LSU."

I asked him if he were to rate his favorites as high, medium and low how would he rank them?

"I would say that State and Alabama are high and Ole Miss and LSU are medium," said Colton.

With several players having already committed, has he thought about committing early?

"I thought about it, but I didn't because I wanted to see what else might come my way my senior year," he said. "LSU or Auburn might jump in so I'm going to wait for my senior year to come to see what happens. I love the way Coach Croom said it, and it's the way I feel; he said, 'don't tell me you are going to commit and then not come. That's disrespectful. Your word is who you are.' And that's how I grew up in my home. If you say you are going to do it, then you are going to do it."

We'll check back with Colton in about a month to find out the latest recruiting news.

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