Rosters Set For Maroon-White Scrimmage

The squads for this year's Maroon-White Scrimmage at Scott Field have been set, as Coach Sylvester Croom and his staff have split up the spring roster for the 2006 edition of the camp-ending event.

Kickoff at Scott Field is noon, with four ten-minute quarters to be played after warm-ups. The clock will run with only rare stops, so the entire scrimmage is expected to be done in under an hour.

The breakdown of the two teams for Saturday is obvious, with the Maroons made up of the first team offense and defense as well as many alternates at specific positions and a couple of reserves. The White team has the bulk of the second units on both sides and everyone else on the depth chart including walk-ons for spring. Almost all the roster numbers for this game match the regular spring roster, with a couple of exceptions.

Making up the Maroon team is, in numerical order: 5 LB Gabe O'Neal, 7 QB Mike Henig, 8 CB Adron Chambers, 9 WR Keon Humphries, 14 WR Omarr Conner, 15 S Marcus Evans, 18 QB Robert Ambers, 22 OLB Jamar Chaney, 24 CB Leron Yarbrough, 25 WR Tyler Threadgill, 26 RB Derek Ambrose, 31 FB Casey Rogers, 33 RB Justin Williams, 34 S Jeramie Johnson, 35 RB Brandon Hart, 37 KS Adam Carlson, 41 FB Bryson Davis, 43 P Blake McAdams, 45 S De'Mon Glanton, 48 TE Dezmond Sherrod, 51 DE Avery Hannibal, 53 OG Anthony Strauder, 55 OG Brian Anderson, 56 OLB Anthony Littlejohn, 58 DE Michael Heard, 62 SN Russell Cook, 63 MLB Carvel Jones, 64 DT Anwar Phillips, 75 OT Craig Jenkins, 76 OC Royce Blackledge, 79 OT Calvin Wilson, 84 TE Jeremy Jones, 86 WR Lance Long, 90 DT Antonio Johnson, 94 NT Andrew Powell, 98 DT Deljuan Robinson.

Offensive line coach J.B. Grimes is the ‘head coach' of the Maroons, assisted by Woody McCorvey, Ellis Johnson, Shane Beamer, Kevin Murphy, Ryan Hollern, Joe Judge, Anthony Blevins, strength coach Jim Nowell, and head trainer Paul Mock.

The White roster is: 10 WR Ben Shelton, 16 QB Ty Evans, 19 QB Brett Hyatt, 20 S Jarvis Kyles, 22 DB Kinnard Lockett, 24 RB Adrian Yielding, 25 RB Thomas McGee, 29 S Grailen Johnson, 30 FB Taurus Young, 32 OLB Carlton Rice, 33 RB Marshall Brown, 35 KS Todd McGee, 36 DB Lance McKinney, 37 DB Simon Lott, 38 P Brooks Crabtree, 39 DB Dremail Hardin, 40 CB Adrian Griffin, 42 CB Jonathan Hill, 43 DB Jarvis Williams, 44 MLB Brad Horton, 46 KS Keith Andrews, 47 WR Major Sosebee, 50 LB Chris Britt, 54 DE Titus Brown, 57 DT Solomon Ona, 59 OC Johnny Carpenter, 61 OL Gunner Boykin, 62 LB Barton Stowe, 63 OT Chris Spencer, 64 LB Justin Walker, 65 SN Anthony Bowles, 66 LB Mark Brown, 67 OT Roland Terry, 69 DB Reed Storey, 72 OG Anthony Dunning, 73 OG Dio Herrera, 80 WR Rashad Smith, 81 CB Tay Bowser, 82 TE Jason Husband, 83 WR Joey Sanders, 85 TE Steven Holley, 86 TE Patrick Franks, 87 WR Aubrey Bell, 88 WR Jamayel Smith, 89 WR Anderson Ellard, 93 DT Alexander Smith, 95 DL Anthony Edwards, 97 DL Justin Moore.

Defensive line coach Brick Haley is head coach of the White team, with his staff of Guy Holliday, Melvin Smith, Amos Jones, Reed Stringer, Jody Wright, Casey Clausen, strength coach John McCallister, and trainer Steven Smith.

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