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Monday Morning Coffee Break

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Over the past few days I have interviewed 25 recruits. Included in that number have been some of the top recruits in the state of Mississippi and the city of Memphis.

Here is a list of 18 of the players and the schools they are most interested in at this time. I will post the interviews with the other 7 players in the next day or two.

  • Ken Griffith - LB, Brandon (MS) HS. Schools: MSU commitment.
  • Linzy Patterson - TE, Amory (MS) HS. Schools: Options open.
  • Jabari Smith - CB, Arizona Western College. Schools: Options open
  • Russhon Armstrong - CB, Arizona Western College. Schools: Options open.
  • Cedrick Williams - CB, Garden City (KS) CC. Schools: MSU, Miami, Georgia, K-State, Michigan State.
  • Sean Merrill - DE, D'Iberville (MS) HS. Schools: Ole Miss, LSU, South Carolina, Tenn., Florida, Alabama, Auburn, MSU.
  • Jeremy Young - QB, Provine (MS) HS. Schools: MSU, Auburn, Georgia Tech.
  • Quinton Culberson - S, Provine (MS) HS. Schools: MSU, Ole Miss, LSU, Florida, Jackson State.
  • Demarcus Scott - LB, Greenville (MS) Weston HS. Schools: LSU, MSU, Auburn, Tenn., Florida, USM, Ole Miss.
  • Quinton Harris - DT, Hall HS (Little Rock). Schools: LSU, Iowa, Arkansas State. Will camp at MSU in July.
  • Steven Pahlman - OL, Forrest (MS) County HS. Schools: MSU, LSU, Auburn, USM.
  • Johnny Daniels - DL, Vicksburg (MS) HS. Schools: MSU, Miami, USM, Ole Miss.
  • Cliff Davis - QB, Eupora (MS) HS. Schools: LSU, Ole Miss, MSU, Florida.
  • Willie Shelton - DL, Frayser HS (Memphis). Schools: Options open.
  • Darin Joy - LB, Frayser HS. Schools: MSU, Kentucky, others.
  • Jamal Rufus - QB, Frayser HS. Schools: MSU, Arkansas, Memphis, Kentucky, LSU.
  • Cornelius Lewis - DE, Frayser HS. Schools: Options open.
  • Jeremy Palmoore - OL, Hamilton HS (Memphis). Schools: All SEC schools.

    Personal comments and opinions:

  • Has Ole Miss moved ahead of MSU in the Sean Merrill recruiting race? Very likely. LSU is still right up there. At one time MSU was the leader for Sean's services according to his dad.
  • I feel very good about MSU's chances with Jeremy Young. Jeremy consistently puts MSU at the top of his list with Auburn.
  • During my conversation with Quinton Culberson, he always mentioned MSU first when talking about colleges.
  • Steven Pahlman is working out with current MSU center Chris McNeil this summer.
  • Johnny Daniel is as good a person as he is a player on the football field.
  • Jeremy Palmoore's coach, Jeff Sawyer, played football for current MSU DC Joe Lee Dunn.
  • Cedrick Williams very well could be the top juco cornerback in the country this season. Although it will be a very hard fought recruiting battle, I really like MSU's chances.
  • MSU seems to be moving up Demarcus Scott's list.
  • I tried calling Scott's teammate Devrick Hampton last week. He is currently in the National Guard and won't be back home until the middle of August.
  • MSU is really recruiting the Memphis area harder than they ever have. Look for many more interviews with Memphis kids over the next few weeks.
  • Look for interviews with Delvechio Ellis, Quinton McCrary, Viciente DeLoach, Trumaine McBride, Dezmond Sherrod, Justin Bursi and Javar Pollard to be posted in the next couple of days.


    For the second week in a row, Mississippi State has won a hard fought recruiting battle. After winning a battle with Notre Dame and to a lessor extent Pitt, New Mexico and Virginia for the signature of Big 12 honorable mention selection Shane Power, the recruiting prowess of the MSU coaching staff stepped forward once again when national recruit Travis Outlaw committed to the Bulldogs this past Friday.

    Travis, potentially one of the greatest basketball talents ever produced in the state of Mississippi, is considered by all recruiting analysts as one of the top 5 to top 15 players in the country. His forte is his athleticism and shooting ability. If you've never seen Travis play, make sure you do during the upcoming season. You will be amazed at his athletic ability and his phenomenal jumping ability.

    It really came as no surprise to me that he ultimately chose Mississippi State. I have seen he and his dad at Mississippi State quite a bit lately. They both seem to feel very comfortable about the MSU players and staff. He and the players seem to sincerely like each other.

    Something else that occurred late in this past basketball season made me believe that Travis would be a Bulldog. Travis and current signee Stephen Cowherd played on the same team during a tournament last fall. When Stephen and his family visited MSU, Travis' dad visited with them after the MSU basketball game was over. I overheard him talking to Stephen and he said something about how Stephen could help Travis learn the ropes when he was a freshman and Stephen was a sophomore.

    One of the other things you will like about Travis is his family. He comes from an outstanding family that is not only very supportive of Travis but genuinely nice people.

    By the way, don't be surprised if Mississippi State also signs the other national recruit in Mississippi, center Jackie Butler, when signing day comes around.

    Congrats go out to Coaches Rick Stansbury, Robert Kirby and Phil Cunningham for an outstanding job. It appears they turned the corner this past season and with their current recruiting efforts are about to put Mississippi State basketball on the map to stay.


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    Mary Ann has added all of the spring and summer Bulldog Celebration and other MSU events to the calendar that she has been notified of. If you don't see yours on the calendar, please email her at the email address listed below.

    If you have a MSU related event coming up and you don't see it listed on the Gene's Page calendar, email Mary Ann your information and she will post it on the calendar. We purchased the calendar for your use, so please don't hesitate using it. Mary Ann's new email address is maryannswindoll@genespage.com.

    Well, that wraps up this week's edition of the Monday Morning Bulldog Coffee Break.

    Have a great Bulldog week!

    Gene Swindoll

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