Attends MSU's Super Bulldog Weekend

Madison Central High School offensive lineman Chaz Ramsey (6-4, 275) and his dad Key Ramsey (height, weight unknown) made a two-hour trip this past Saturday to Mississippi State to take in MSU's all-sports extravangaza - Super Bulldog Weekend.

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"I've heard a lot of people at my school who are Mississippi State fans tell me about how fun Super Bulldog Weekend is," said the highly-thought of offensive lineman. "You can watch the (football) scrimmage game, then go over and watch the baseball game. So, I wanted to see what it was like."

Now that's he's attended his first Super Bulldog Weekend, what are his thoughts about the event?

"I had a lot of fun," he said. "We went around and ate at some of the different tents. I think they had something called the pork cookoff. Then, we went and watched the football game and a couple of innings of the baseball game. There were a ton of people there."

While on the MSU campus, did he learn anything new?

"I didn't really learn much new," said Chaz, who had visited MSU a couple of other times. "We did get to visit with (MSU head) Coach (Sylvester) Croom and (Assistant) Coach (J.B.) Grimes a little more and got to know the players a little better."

Chaz and his dad have been checking out a lot of schools in the south over the course of the past few weeks. And it appears he is now very well informed about those schools. Any chance he may commit anytime soon?

"I'm thinking about committing before the season starts," he said. He explained why. "I want to get everything settled before the season starts so that I can focus on helping our team win a state championship."

With a possible commitment in the near future, has he received offers from all the schools that he's interested in?

"I've received offers from all the schools that I'm interested in except for LSU," said Chaz, who has offers from Mississippi State, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Memphis, Southern Miss and Houston. "And they want me to come down for their summer camp. That's pretty much the only one still left."

Look for future updates on this big-time offensive lineman as we continue to follow his recruitment.

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