MSU Signee Chasman Davis Surgery Update

Mississippi State linebacker Chasman Davis, who was injured during an all-star game, recently had surgery to repair nerve damage and is waiting to have ACL surgery. He talked about how things are progressing.

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The last time I talked to Chasman he had just had surgery to repair nerve damage. He expected to have ACL surgery soon after. Has he had that surgery yet?

"I haven't had my (ACL) surgery, but I'm doing good," said Chasman. "I've started walking again. I started walking last week. I just got off one crutch. I was using two crutches, then one. It's been awhile since I have been able to walk because I tore a lot of ligaments. I've been going to therapy four times a week about 2 hours a day. We don't really do much. They ice me, stem me, get extensions and bend it. Things like that. I'm feeling really confident now."

Chasman indicated the last time we talked that the doctor, during his first surgery, untangled the nerve. Then, once Chasman began walking again the next step would be forthcoming. Has he indicated to Chasman where things stand?

"He said it's coming back perfect," said Chasman. "I'm feeling good. The main problem now is the nerve. He requested some EMG studies for the nerves. So, real soon now we'll know how bad the nerve was damaged and where it was damaged. I'm just waiting on that, getting my studies and trying to finish school."

Does his doctor have a timetable as to when he will do the ACL surgery?

"Three to four weeks," said Chasman.

Considering the seriousness of his injury, Chasman and his local doctor made sure they found a doctor who could handle such delicate operations.

"I already had a good doctor in the area. He knew that I had a serious injury, so we went to see a doctor in Orlando," said Chasman. "I had seen about three doctors, then he requested that I see Dr. Johnny Uribe. He's also going to do the ACL surgery."

I'll check back with Chasman in about two weeks for another update.

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