Southaven (MS) HS LB Justin Bursi

[Premium article] Gene's Page interviewed Southaven (MS) HS linebacker Justin Bursi (6-2, 235, 4.7) on June 23rd.

What does Justin's coach say about him? "He is about 6-3, 235. His father is about 6-7, so he's still going to grow some more," said Southaven HS head football coach Calvin Aldridge. "Georgia Tech said that he will probably put his hand down (That means he will play on the line.-Gene). Memphis said he is the number one person they are going after. When he comes on a blitz, he will take people out of ball games just because he hits them so hard. His idol is Dick Butkus. Well, he plays like him. He stays on his feet and he runs through on his tackles. He is a bonafide blue chipper. I say that because that is something that Butch Brooks told me and he is the liaison at Georgia Tech."

Justin Bursi interview.

What is your height and weight?
"I'm about 6-2 and the weight is 235."

Do you know what your forty speed is?
"It's probably about a 4.7."

What was your last maximum bench and squat?
"My last bench was 320. I haven't done it in a while."

When did you last max out?
"Last year."

Do you feel you have gotten stronger since you last maxed out?
"Yes sir."

What is your max squat?
"About 460, I think."

Do you play middle or outside linebacker?
"Middle linebacker."

What is your strengths on the football field?
"I guess my aggressiveness."

Have you played linebacker throughout your football career?
"Yes sir."

What honors did you earn last season?
"I got All-Region and All-County."

Have you attended any football camps this summer?
"I went to Memphis' last week."

Are you going to attend any other camps this summer?
"I'm going to try to if I can."

Do you know which ones?
"No sir."

Have you grown up a fan of any particular college?
"Probably Mississippi State is the main one."

What schools are mailing you letters?
"LSU, Memphis, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Nebraska, Arkansas State, West Virginia and Marshall."

May was an evaluation period. College coaches could come to the schools and evaluate players. Do you remember the college coaches that visited practices?
"The ones that came and talked to our coach?"

"Memphis, Marshall, Ole Miss and I think Mississippi State came by."

Which college coaches called you during May?
"Memphis and Marshall."

Have any of the coaches offered you a scholarship?
"No sir."

What schools are you most interested in at this time?
"I am pretty much open right now."

That is about it, Justin. I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me.
"Alright, thanks."

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