Sleepy's Pride

One of the most beloved players in Mississippi State football history is former Bulldog Quarterback Sleepy Robinson. From 1989-1992, Sleepy led the resurgence of the MSU football program and will forever be remembered as one of the fiercest competitors to ever wear the Maroon and White.

Robinson's name appears throughout the Mississippi State record books, but perhaps his most notable collegiate accomplishment was a 132.93 passing efficiency rating in 1991. Sleepy's 1991 season is the second most efficient season by an MSU quarterback in school history.

During the 1991 season, Sleepy led the upstart Bulldogs into Death Valley in Baton Rouge and stunned the home standing Tigers by running a newly installed option game. Robinson's Bulldogs left LSU with a 28-19 win, the last MSU team to win at Tiger Stadium.

These days, Sleepy is still involved with football as the Head Football Coach at East Oktibbeha High School in Crawford, MS. Similar to his latter years at MSU, Sleepy is turning things around.

"When I first got here, every time the players got hot or got tired they wanted to go inside," says Robinson. "Now they believe that the off season work and training will put them over the hump."

East Oktibbeha is the same high school that spawned NFL great Jerry Rice, so Sleepy believes the talent is there to be successful.

"I guess the biggest thing that has changed since I have been here is the mindset. We used to be just East Oktibbeha, but now we are the East Oktibbeha Titans. Our players believe that they are as good or better than their opponents. They believe they can win the State Championship," said Sleepy.

The change in mindset and renewed interest in an off season conditioning program are paying off. East Oktibbeha has a quintet of players that Division one colleges have taken a liking to.

Donnelli Johnson Profile Page:

Donnelli is being recruited by all of the in-state schools as well as Alabama. He favors playing in-state and credits his everyday work ethic on the practice field and in the weight room for his success.

Head Coach Sleepy Robinson on Johnson: "Donnelli could be one of the best linebackers in the state. He's athletic and rangey. One of the best things about Donnelli is that he wants to be the best."

John Rice Profile Page:

John is hearing from Auburn, LSU, Alabama, Mississippi State, Illinois, Memphis, Ole Miss and Southern Miss. He lists his recruitment as wide open. John is known as a big hitter and a "beast" in the weight room.

Head Coach Sleepy Robinson on Rice: "John is the cousin of Jerry Rice. That says it all right there. He has worked very hard after suffering an injury last year. He has the speed and ability to be an SEC linebacker."

Octavious Logan Profile Page:

Octavious is hearing from Memphis, Alabama, Mississippi State and Ole Miss. He favors Memphis and Alabama. Octavious considers another "small" back as his inspiration, DeAngelo Williams of the Memphis Tigers.

Head Coach Sleepy Robinson on Logan: "He is a bit undersized, but is the nephew of (former MSU running back) David Fair. He is really strong and real gutsy and real determined. That will take him farther than a lot of other kids."

Quo-Vadis Lindsey Profile Page:

Quo-Vadis, better known as "Moonie", Lindsey is hearing from Memphis, Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss and Mississippi State. He lists his three favorites at this time as Southern Miss, Memphis and Alabama. He is the son of Sleepy Robinson.

Head Coach Sleepy Robinson on Lindsey: "What can I say? It's just in his blood. He will play QB for us this year. He may be the best athlete on the team. His biggest strength is that he works very hard. He really wants to be good."

DB Kyle Roberts - Roberts is hearing from several schools and has the ability to be a game changing performer.

Head Coach Sleepy Robinson on Roberts: "Kyle had like eleven picks last year and may have dropped ten more. He could have had a twenty interception season. He reminds me an awful lot of Walt Harris. He is about Walt's size."

It appears that East Oktibbeha is loaded for the 2006 Mississippi High School Football season. The interest from colleges appears to have encouraged the Titans to work even harder to be successful. If they are anything like their Head Coach, this should be a season to remember.

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