New MSU Signee Talks About His Choice

Grenada (MS) High School guard Phil Turner talked about his decision to sign with Mississippi State.

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"I've always wanted to go to Mississippi State ever since I was a young boy," said the 6-3, 165-pounder. "Another reason is playing with a former teammate of mine, Bernard Rimmer, at the college level in the SEC. And it's a strong school academically. The coaches approach to me was very genuine. I could tell they were into me as a player and as a student."

Why the interest in MSU at such a young age?

"I have an uncle who played football for Mississippi State, Clifton Eley. I liked them initially due to him," said Phil. "Then, me wanting to be a basketball player and following in the steps of my big uncle was another reason."

What was Bernard's reaction to his decision to be a Bulldog?

"He was pumped about it," said Phil. "I called him the Friday after the Thursday when they told me that they had a scholarship for me. He wasn't able to answer his phone, but he called me back Saturday and I told him then."

When did Mississippi State become serious about their recruitment of him?

"It was four games before our season was over," remarked Phil. "(Head) Coach (George) Brooks from Meridian (Community College) called (MSU assistant) Coach (Robert) Kirby and told him that there was a player from Grenada who could play and they needed to come check me out. I appreciate Coach Brooks for that. He's a really good guy."

When the MSU coaches told him that they had a scholarship offer for him, did they tell him what they like about him?

"They said they liked my leadership skills and my ability to do more than one thing on the floor," said Phil, who averaged 20.8 points, 6.4 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 3.5 steals per game this past season.

Did they tell him where they want him to play?

"Yes sir. They want to try me as a combo guard, but mainly they want me to play point guard," he said.

When does he plan on starting school at Mississippi State?

"I'll be there June 1st," said the excited future MSU point guard.

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