Yazoo County HS RB Luther Edwards Visits MSU

One of the top running backs in the state of Mississippi, Yazoo County High School's Luther Edwards, visited MSU this past Thursday. He talked about his unofficial visit.

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"I went up there (Thursday) and met my recruiting coach, (Assistant) Coach (Reed) Stringer," said Luther. "I sat down and talked with him and had lunch with him. I met a couple of their players."

He explained why he decided to take an unofficial visit to State.

"I really wanted to go there to see how the campus was. My family is originally from Mississippi State," said the 5-8, 205-pounder. "Everybody from my family attended college at Mississippi State. I knew how the college was, but they remodeled a lot of things. And I had never met (MSU head coach Sylvester) Croom up person and I wanted to meet him."

Now that he's had a chance to meet both Stringer and Croom, what are his impressions of both men?

"Both of them are wonderful guys. They are very wonderful guys," said the 2005 MAC 3A First-Team All-State selection. "Croom is .... a lot of people say a lot of things about Croom, but in person he's even better. I hear a lot of good things about him as a person, but he's even better than that. When I met the man he made me feel welcome and like I was at home."

State's the first school that Luther has visited this spring. He explained why.

"Because I've been on a tight time schedule, going in and out of town, Mississippi State is the only place that I have really been," he noted. "But I am going to make a trip to Southern (Miss) in about two weeks. And I'm supposed to go to Ole Miss in about a week."

What schools are showing the most interest in him?

"So far, Mississippi State and Southern are showing the most interest in me," he remarked. "They are sending me text messages and letters. I've also received letters from a lot of other colleges, but those two and Tennessee are sending me a lot of letters. Tennessee's never text messaged me, but they have sent me a sheet asking if I have (the) text message (feature) and if I could receive text messages. I have to send it back to them."

How often is he receiving text messages from Southern and State?

"From Southern the text messages are weekly and from Mississippi State it's daily," said Luther. "Coach Stringer knows the time I get out of school and he text messages me then. It's not like we're talking. It's more like, 'I hope your day was successful.' Me and Stringer are good buddies. I'll tell him things like I have a big test tomorrow and I may not feel too good about it, so he'll give me help by giving me advice and encouraging me a whole lot."

Does he have a list of favorites, maybe a top 5 or 7?

"I have a top five. My top five schools are Mississippi State, Auburn, Ole Miss, Tennessee and Southern Miss," noted Luther, who rushed for 2,191 yards and 30 touchdowns on 228 carries last season.

He gave his reasons why those made his favorites list.

Mississippi State - "I believe I can get a better education at Mississippi State. I see a very educated school that I can learn a lot from. They have a lot to offer. From the text messages that I have been receiving, I believe they are going to be upfront with me. They are going to let me know what I need to do and how I need to improve."

Auburn - "The thing I like about Auburn is they are a running team. They have produced a whole lot of NFL players. And I feel like if I have an opportunity to go to Auburn, I would accept it because their coaches know what a player should do to prepare for the League (NFL)."

Ole Miss - "I like (Ole Miss head) Coach (Ed) Orgeron. I like their head coach because he reminds me of my junior high school coach. No matter what it takes, he will do whatever he can do for a player. I visited them last fall. He makes his players feel at home and works with them. On the bad days at practice, he will go out there and stretch with them. He will get down and dirty with them."

Tennessee - "Tennessee has been sending me a couple of letters. I like them because, from a couple of games that I have watched on tv, they do some running. My cousin, Parys Haralson, played at Tennessee. And I like the campus. About a year ago, when I went up there, they had a very beautiful campus. And it seemed like a place where I would like to be."

Southern Miss - "I have been watching them. They have been an ok team and have won several games. They usually win their conference some years. My cousin Alex Ray played at Southern. And I always wanted to go and play there."

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No. 5 (in black), running back, Luther Edwards. -

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