Croom Reviews Spring Camp For SEC Media

With spring football finally finished all across the Southeastern Conference, the league office held a Tuesday press teleconference for all SEC head coaches to give brief comments and answers about how their respective camps went. MSU Coach Sylvester Croom had the following to say about the Bulldogs and their 2006 camp.

Overview: "I thought we had a very good spring, it was the best that we've had since we've been here. The big point is that the guys that went through spring are the guys we're counting on to give us a chance to beat South Carolina in the opening game. It does help needless to say when the guys that you think are going to start have gone through spring. And that's the first time that's been the case. Both years we've been here we've been waiting for somebody to come in in the fall. So I think we're ahead in that area as far as knowing who our players are."

The offense: "I thought we made tremendous progress, especially in the passing game this spring. Moving Omarr Conner has been a tremendous plus for us, he continued that progress in spring. Mike Henig had an excellent spring and we feel comfortable that he's comfortable in the offense and ready to take over. Our wide receiver corps will be better.

"Even though Brandon Thornton was injured we thought he finished the season well at running back. We have three freshmen coming in. That's probably the one (offensive skill) position we have a question at, can any of those freshmen give us help at running back.

"We've got good competition at backup quarterback with Tray Rutland and Ty Evans, we feel good about that. We've got some stability in the offensive line, though we haven't solved left tackle yet and we've got a juco guy coming in we think highly of that we think will help us at that spot."

The defense: "Our defense continued to improve, we were solid there last year and we feel we'll be even better."

Would he favor proposals to play an opponent for a spring game? "Not really. Because you don't have enough people. And to play another game…you can call it a scrimmage but I can tell you what will happen, you'll want to win it! Your fans will want to win it. It's happening in NFL preseason games and it will be the same thing."

"To be honest the spring game is just for the fans, I just wanted to get everybody out of there healthy!

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